A few months back we hadn't known where we were going or what we were doing job or house-wise, so we decided to pack up and slowly get the house ready to be sold. Whether we moved locally or out of state, we were in need of more house room, so we did what we could do to prepare for either situation.

 Then, recently, we came to the decision that it was best for us to stay in the area. We had been casually looking at homes all over the area, but nothing seemed to fit us just right. We put land on hold in a new neighborhood just a few streets down. We had to make a decision on whether or not to build the house we had picked out, but hadn't signed an official agreement on yet. The decision needed to be made quick because there were a couple of good deals we could get if we signed on the house that particular month. So we did a bit more homework. We looked online and found a home that was a foreclosure. It wasn't too far from us so we drove by it, called about it and found out that it was already under contract. Bummer! We decided not to build the other home and continued looking around.

 About three weeks later, my husband, who hardly ever has time to check email, had checked his and found that the foreclosed house we had gone to, that was under contract, was back on the market that very day he chose to open his email. So he scheduled a time to see it. We went and it was perfect. So we put a bid in. There were two to three other bids put on it as well. We weren't sure that we would get it since it was in a really nice neighborhood and thought the other bids would be much more than ours, but knew that it was the right thing for us to do even feeling peaceful that it was all going to work out. And it did!

 So, now we are MOVING in a week! Here it is. Can't wait to start updating and decorating it. In the meantime we are packing, cleaning and packing.

We were supposed to close this Thursday, but are waiting on paperwork that won't be done in time for closing, so now it will be Monday. Can't wait!


I Do


This is us at our wedding luncheon. Dec. 20th, 1997

14 years ago we said "I do". Now here we are 6 kids, 2 houses, a few arguments, many joys and several gray hairs later (you can still count mine, it's debatable which color hair to count for Tyson) :). Happy Anniversary to the greatest man I have ever known. Love you Tyson!


One Month

Many people say that Ansley looks just like Laney, and I would agree even though there are a few slight differences, so I wanted to do a little comparison of the two. So here they are...first pic of Ansley at 2 weeks and the second of Laney at a month old. 



Laney at a week old!
My MIL said, as she was talking to Ansley, "Why did you wait to come 2 and a half years after your twin?" I think that is a fair question to ask and I have the answer...I would go CRAZY if I ever had twins! :)
A few things about Ansley at a month old:

*Ansley smiled her first real smile today at both me and Bria. It was adorable!
*She sings and makes noises as she nurses, just like Laney did.
*She tries to hold her head up a lot.
*She is 10 pounds and has grown about an3/4 of an inch in the past few weeks.
*Is now wearing 3 month clothes.
*Eats like clock work every couple of hours, but there is a glimmer of hope for more time between as she sometimes goes about 3 hours. Hopefully it will soon be the new feeding schedule. *fingers are crossed*

 Ansley at one month old!

We sure do love our little Ansley-belle! She makes us all smile.
So far we are surviving. The house isn't as clean as we would like, the dog is feeling a bit neglected, the guinea pig cage goes a bit longer in between changes, the laundry is continuing to stock pile with no real possibility of ever getting completely done and sometimes I feel like I am going to go insane due to the fact that I just can't do it all, but despite it all we are a happy family. Family is really what life is all about and I am grateful that I have been blessed to be a mother. I just have to keep telling myself this over and over again when a kid spills milk all over the floor as my nursing babe is fussing for meal time and the other kids are fighting over the computer. :) This is just a season of my life. One day when the house is quiet I will miss these moments of being a complete family under one roof. I LOVE family!

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