Being Grateful

I am going to take this moment to mention ten things that I am grateful for...

1. that I have lived as long as I have with 2 big bros who loved to do the chinese water torture on me growing up as well as Indian rug burns on my legs, as well as many other things that could've sent me to counseling...
2. for a hubby who I can tease to make up for the complex my brothers have given me :) he's getting pretty good at dishing it back out
3. kids who laugh at my sarcastic remarks-maybe that's why they won't take me seriously :)
4. a sister who is my live in slave-just need to work on the palm leaves a bit
5. a dog that's like a horse...all I need now is my chariot

I guess I should get serious. My hubby will probably have quite the comment when he reads this:) I have been thinking about things and have realized that I need to be more grateful for the things I have in my life. Today I was complaining about how I am always the one getting sick in the house hold and here I am having to go to the doc before we go to the Smokies because I am having problems with the nasty tonsils and I can't be sick on a camping trip. What fun is that?! Anyways, I was talking to a friend that is a nurse and she was telling me about the miracles that she has seen in the NICU in Huntsville and it just made me realize how ungrateful I am. Here the Lord gives me these wonderfully relatively healthy kids, a hubby who is an active part of mine and the kids lives, a sister who has moved back after all these years(now I know what it's like to have someone stay with you and help out) and a dog that I have been wanting for years and years, as well as many other things. So, here is my real list...

1. for parents that I love and who have overcome their not so good family traditions
2. for a hubby that honors the Priesthood and for the sweat (ok how much can you sweat in front of a computer?, but he sits in front of one all day-I couldn't do that for 8 or more hours a day!) and hardships he goes through to work everyday to provide for us
3. for kids that try to CTR (notice that I put try) and help their mommy; and make me laugh when I am having a hard time
4. for my closest friends and their love for me that keeps me going
5. for the hardships (and there have been many) and challenges that I have faced and will ever face to help me grow and love others despite the frustrations that others can cause
6. for my sisters love and listening ear and for being the only one to remain active in the family-to help carry on my mom's leap of faith into the Gospel (she joined with out a single discussion and stayed active until she passed away-the rest of her family had the discussions, but have all fallen away or have been toe dippers)
7. for both of my brothers' love, they are always there for me, and their courage to fight in the front lines of Iraq to support their loved ones and country
8. for being able to do Temple Work for my ancestors... I have had some wonderful experiences
9. for being born in America in the time that I have--and being taken care of
10. For a loving Heavenly Father-who knows my needs and desires and gives me more than I deserve


danakat said...

And I'm grateful to have had you in my life for so many years. We have been through it all, haven't we? I love you.

Rose said...


U insipre me....I've been having a hard day and just reading your blog help to put it in focus.

Hope you can clear up those tonsils...I ended up having mine taken out 3 years ago- best thing I have done and only about 2 weeks recovery which was really not bad.

Lisa said...

What a great list. You are an inspiration. I had a great time today and can't wait to do it again! Let me know what the DR says....

shari said...

Sharon I am leaving you a comment!
I feel grateful now too! I am grateful for a friend like you.

Sharon's Hubby said...

I have to smile - although I don't actually sweat a lot at work, I don't just *sit* in front of a computer.

I also have to disagree that I'm getting better at 'dishing it out'. Someday I'll pick a whole day just to 'be fair'.

It's nice to remember how grateful we really should be. Thanks, Sharon.

Holcomb Lady said...

I love being grateful. Yesterday, I prayed while I was pumping gas that I made it to the gas station. I had 4 miles left to go according to my fancy gas meter. But it fluctuates by 2-3 miles, so I was praying the whole way there!

I just had my tonsils out on June 26th of this year. I don't wish it on anyone, but I grew up with massive problems, so it is a relief. Good luck. And let me know what happens.... Lots of soup and jello and white Italian Ice!

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