The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly...

The good is we finally received our 2nd nightstand...Yay for me! We are slowly building up our bedroom furniture. I have been putting off our room for so long so that we could get the kids their stuff and paying off cars, that we decided it was time to pamper ourselves :) So, throughout the next year we will have new additions! Our kids and our lovely dog had to get in on the action when we were unloading!

The Bad is that we are stuck at home for the next few days. Alyssa has the chicken pox! You'd think that we'd have at least a few week breather before someone else gets sick, but not at the Horrocks' home. She had the vaccine, but apparently they are seeing a break out amongst kids who have had the vaccine. So, nooooow Alyssa will be immune to them! The doctor said that when kids who have had the vaccine get them, they end up having symptoms more like it is shingles. Alyssa doesn't itch much, but the bumps hurt her so bad that she can't bend over a whole lot and she says it feels like someone pinched each bump very hard. So, apparently they (whoever makes these decisions) are talking about having the chicken pox vaccine a 3rd time. Lately I have not been impressed with doctors. You go into a family doctor just to find out you have something abnormal going on or your sick--I could've told you that, that's why I came in here?!! So, then they send you to a specialist--could've done that myself, but I thought you were my regular, everyday doc, one who gets paid a lot just to send me to a darn specialist that I have to pay yet another co-pay to. Now that is The Ugly!

Okay, I am now done complaining! :) Just had to get that one out there! WEll, for now I am going to go and get a few more things done before my dear hubby comes home. We are spending a quiet night at home with the kiddos and having a movie night after the kids go to bed! Oh the simple pleasures when you have kids.

Till next time,


Tyson said...

Actually, I heard an interesting statistic at our company's latest meeting about next year's health care plan. Approximately 40% of health care costs is a result of misdiagnosis or unnecessary treatment. Chad, when he was young had a chronic ear infection. Our pediatrician gave him a few different kinds of antibiotics over about 5 visits (cha-ching). Finally, when the earache surfaced again, they had us take him to a specialist, who quickly found out it was a fungal infection, not a bacterial infection. We went and bought a $10 over-the-counter bottle of Lotrimin and the earache went away. Had the doctor tested at all (even the second time), we wouldn't have wasted so much time and money on such a simple little problem. [Okay, time for me to get off my soap box, too.]

Sharon, nice job using some Russian. Molodyets!

Lisa said...

Poor thing!! I hope she feels better soon!!!

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