Life and one of its many realities

Tyson and I went out to Cheeburger Cheeburger with some friends that have confessed to being traitors. What is their treacherous crime you ask? They are moving to Arizona :( They're going west and leaving us with out our many FUN game nights! :)

We have enjoyed our many game nights with their "suitcase of pleasure" (this name for their suitcase full of games was dubbed that, by another friend). We have enjoyed our late night talks while all of our kids are sleeping upstairs and our double dates to restaurants and movies. We will miss not being able to decide last minute to get together. Though I have never been to Arizona and this is a good excuse to go!:) We haven't broken the news to the kids yet because one of our neighbors, that our kids absolutely adore, just moved and they were all upset for days about that! So, we will probably tell them tonight :( Though our friends aren't quite sure when they are leaving yet. It'll be after the Stake Choir I am sure because they wouldn't miss singing in that! :)

So, for now we will enjoy the time we do have to get together before they leave :)


Tyson said...

Sharon, you have quite the knack for selecting pictures (picture #2) that make me look wide. (Or do you do that on purpose? ... Or maybe I'm just really that fat.)

hope said...

No, Tyson, you are not that fat. At least not when I see you all at church.

AZ... I am jealous!! If NASA were out west!!! Wish them well, and if you visit, go during the monsoon... you really can't beat the smell of rain in the AZ desert.

As for game night, you know Shawn and I have had a history of staying up late with friends playing Diplomacy and Nertz when we lived in Houston. Shawn and I have been getting antsy trying to find a small group to have over for game night. Just FYI ;)

Lisa said...

They will love AZ! Since all my family is there I would move back in a second....we like it here and all but I love AZ!!

Lets get together when we get back next week and do something. Let me know if ya'll are up for it!

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