Sharon's H.I.T List

Okay, I haven't had a lot of time to really think about what I should put down on my HIT list and I am posting this a night early because I will be really busy tomorrow so here goes...

There is one thing that I think all women need in their lives to help them through their woes and/or daily CRAZY schedules! :) CHOCOLATE!!! Here is what you have to do before you start the recipe...pick a day or rather a night time where your hubby can take the kiddos then invite some close buddy's over. Prepare the recipe the morning of and put in freezer when done. Then that night PIG OUT and don't forget to talk, talk, talk! :)

So here is one of my fave recipes that even has some good ol' ice cream, but not just ANY ice cream...ice cream sandwiches!!! :) So, this week I will join the ranks of many others and give you a recipe. :)

Now I usually take a recipe like this and add variations so I won't be exactly accurate on the amounts and it'll be up to you to put in what you'd like :)

Layered Ice cream Cake

2 boxes ice cream sandwiches
cool whip, thawed
chocolate syrup/hot fudge
caramel syrup
chocolate shavings for top, optional

Layer bottom of 9 by 13 pan with ice cream sandwiches (you'll probably use 7-8). Then spread half of cool whip over layer, spread hot fudge/chocolate syrup over that layer--as much as you looove--this is the best part!. Repeat the layers and then add your caramel to the top with chocolate shavings. Put in freezer when done!
Warning: This is VERY rich, but GREAT!!!


hope said...

Wow, that does sound rich. I usually take the complicated route and make my own cake and whip up some ice cream to spread on top then add the toppings. This sounds yummy and quick though!!! Thanks!

Lisa said...

Sounds yummy!! When are we doin' it??? :}

danakat said...

I can speak from many experiences with this dessert...it is SOOOOOO GOOD!!!!
Yeah, Sharon...when are we doing this?

Tyson said...

Sharon, you ought to post that super-easy recipe for chocolate truffles from Alyssa's cookbook too. Those were fabulous and sooooo easy to make. (As a matter of fact, maybe I need to make some tonight...)

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