My Favorite time of year!

I can't believe that time has really flown by like it has! It seems that the older I get the faster time goes! It's kind of sad actually. BUT Christmas time is something I always look forward to and don't really think about the time flying because I need to enjoy the moment!

I love the traditions that we have compromised on because my hubby and I have different versions of how Santa's gifts are presented, we have made our own traditions as well. Such as a special Santa plate and mug that we put his snacks on and milk in. Last year we made homemade jalapeƱo poppers and Santa loved them, so we are debating on whether or not we are going to keep this or go back to the cookie thing! Santa also puts muffin mixes and hot cocoa in our stockings and that is our breakfast for the next couple of days. Then there is a little bit of candy, oranges and apples and a little useful gift! So these are the things that make this time fun!
We packed up all our fall decorations and turned the carols on and danced the night away as we decorated for our beloved Christmas!
The kids each have their own individual stocking! They love that they are all unique in their own way! It was lots of fun to pick them out their first year of Christmas! Though I think that Miss Bri's is missing in this pic :(

We really need a camera stand so we can actually take a pic of the whole family in front of the tree one day! :)
I love the lights all aglow! This is our lovely family tree, there are times I wish I could have a separate tree to really deck out, but I have to admit there is something special about our eclectic collection of ornaments that we either were given or bought or made by the kids. These trees are filled with love and happy memories. One day I'll get my designer tree :) At the bottom is some of our favorite ornaments we have collected over the years.


Sara said...

Your tree looks great! I wish I had a decorating idiot. Someday I will have a designer tree too!

Sara said...

Oops, obviously I forgot to proofread my comment before submitting it. It's supposed to say, I wish I weren't such an ididot at decorating. Now I'm just an idiot!

Sharon said...

Sara- THAT made me LAUGH hysterically! WHen I read the first comment I was like hmmmm...what could she be meaning? She wishes she had me be her decorating idiot! LOL

Lisa said...

Love the tree!! I pulled down all our decorations yesterday... by MYSELF since my hubby is oot...again!! I think my kids think he works at the airport and hotels. ha Anyway, we will see how these decorations look after the kids and I attempt to do it ourselves!!

Tyson said...

I already have a decorating something, but I can't call her an idiot.

Maybe an interesting topic might be what a "decorating idiot" would be. I picture something like a sort of otherwise dense gnome, maybe mute and a little misshapen with a flair for shabby chic or french country. Someone would come over and say, "Oh, I love your decorating - who is your designer?" My gnome would walk by with a huff and a surly attitude, perhaps looking up with a frown of disapproval, and I would whisper, "That's my decorating idiot."

On another note, I just have to point out that Sharon's must be on a campaign to ruin my self-image. Either that's an unflattering picture of me or I really look that bad. I did get a hair cut in the mean time.

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