On their way to Kindergarten!

It is official! Our little Bria and her cousin L are now on their way to Kindergarten! Bria was soooooooo EXCITED to finally graduate pre-school!!!
It's hard to imagine that this whole pre-school stuff started 6and a half years ago for me and my little Chaddy(who is soon to be a 4th grader)! Then it was Alyssa who joined the ranks and now I have one more kid to go...dear little ACTIVE Heath-y(who will be starting this Fall)!!!
Too bad cousins, S and B weren't able to make it, they had a dance class that night. S and Alyssa graduated the same time too. Maybe Heath and R will do the same! It was nice to have most of the local fam there too! It's times like that when you think, "yeah, there are some payoffs to being geographically close to family!" ;) hee hee!
I am glad that all that is over with and now we are gearing up for a fun summer! Can't wait until I am done with school! Only 2 more weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell I am happy bout that one!?!


shari said...

will you get to wear a cap and gown when you graduate? Bria looks so adorable. I can not believe your little baby will go to kindergarten next year. Time flies. Good luck with school.

karen said...

Yeah, for you. Can't wait till your done. Don't you kind of feel bad for the kindergarten teachers next year? I think they will be busy. At least they are so cute!!

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