Deal or No Deal?...Myrtle Beach Time Line

We went to Myrtle beach with a deal to hear a time share spiel in order to stay at a beach front hotel for 2 nights for $ 150 and at the end get the $150 back...deal or no deal?

Thursday, June 5th
5 a.m.- get up and leave for Myrtle Beach
a few potty breaks and eat lunch
3 p.m.- arrive at Myrtle beach and try to find the place we are to check in at. We find the street, but no Wyndham Resort Center!
3:15 p.m.- call the place we are to check in with, only to get 2 more numbers where one person answers, tells us to go on hwy. 17 and then hangs up on us. Call again and get the same numbers and no one is answering. Drive around some more with our trusty old map!
3:30 p.m.- call once again and finally get someone live...in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida!!! They don't know where in the heck we are going, but try to help guide us...the blind leading the blind!
3:45 p.m.- stop at gas station IN Myrtle Beach and they give us so so directions. Still can't find the place!
4:00 p.m.- call Tyson's mom and have her google the address for us! To no avail! We drive the street we are supposed to be on 6 MILLION times to find a dead end and run down homes! Now we know it like the back of our hands!!!
4:30 p.m.- Tys goes inside a Restaurant to get directions...sent on another wild goose chase! Never stop to ask for directions in Myrtle Beach...I'm surprised anyone knows where the bathroom is!
4:45 p.m.- call the resort numbers again, in pissy moods, hubby talks this time and we still get nothing! Another person in another city trying to give us stinking directions! Couldn't they just admit that they had no clue where the resort place was!?! They were men, need I say more? :)
7:15 p.m.- We FINALLY find them thanks to a few clues and my sharp eye! We found out that there are 2 cities with Myrtle Beach in them! North myrtle and Myrtle!!! We were stayin gin Myrtle and the Resort place to check in was in North Myrtle, and why couldn't they tell us that in the beginning!?! Someone was smart in doing that! We complain, they say that has happened several times before...Soooooooo, why not FIX THAT PROBLEM!?!
7:45 p.m.- get to our upgraded Condo...not much different then there hotel rooms, but don't call it Hotel or our Condo snob, Chad will have a fit!
Get settled in. YAY!
8:15 p.m.- call for pizza...wait and wait and WAIT!
9:40 p.m.- our pizza comes! They went to the wrong place a few streets down!
10:40 p.m.- put kids to bed, clean up, stand outside for a few minutes to try and hear the waves over the airplane of an air conditioner unit. Go to bed!

Friday, June 6th
5:15 a.m.- I wake up and think, "it'd be nice to take pics and see the sun rise"...go back to bed!
8:15 a.m.- Chad is awake and we decide to get up and go to the Beach!!!!
Beautiful day, great waves and AHHH! The SUN!!!
11:30 a.m.- go back to CONDO! and eat some left over pizza and veg for about and hour and then get ready to go to our little Time Share sales pitch! Take showers, do all of our hair and looking good!
2:00 p.m.- drive to North Myrtle Beach!
2:25 p.m.- arrive at that stinkin' Resort Place hear the sales pitch, go tour the facilities...nice, but not worth the 60,000 you'd have to pay over how many years? Get frustrated with the "won't take no for an answer" sales people. They make us mad becuase they are taking too much of our time. They told us it'd take no more than 2 hours of our time.
6:30 p.m.- leave to go get some dinner before it's too dark!!! We are fuming! We would never EVER recommend doing a spiel like this to anyone just to save $$$!
6:45p.m.- Go to a GREAT seafood buffet! With the world's Largest crab hanging over their doorway! Now Chad thinks we should always eat at buffets! Should've asked how much the buffet would cost per person! Leave paying about $100!!! I admit that it was the best Buffet I have been to in a very long time! :)
8:00 p.m.- arrive at hotel and decide what to do next! We decide to go to the indoor pool because the wind is chilly!
8:10 p.m.- the girls and I get dressed in bathroom. The men in the front room. Hear Tyson yelling to Chad to shut the curtains, but Chad thinks he means door! Peak out to see Tyson is MOONING the World! HA HA HA! We all laugh hysterically! I mention the "WORLD has seen a white moon tonight!" Tyson thinks I said "WIDE"! We all laugh even more! Makes the day a little brighter!
8:35 p.m.- enjoy our time at the pool playing Marco polo! Talk to a few friendly guests and play Marco Polo with them! They end up leaving, we stay an extra half hour. Bria decides to run! I tell her to stop. She slips and hurts elbow! End of fun pool stay! Luckily we don't end up going to the E.R.!
10:20 p.m.- Get kids in bed! We stay up and chat for another hour!

Saturday, June 7th
5:20 a.m.- Tyson and I try to watch the sun rise through the cloudy sky! Still nice to be up early with out kids hanging on us!
6:00 a.m.- go back to bed!!!
8:00 a.m.- we all get up to go to the beach one last time. Packing up as we go!
8:30 a.m.-enjoy the waves at the beach and spending time together! The sun is VERY warm! I was the only one not in my bathing suit! I wasn't feeling too well for some reason and all my energy was GONE! So, I took pics and enjoyed watching them play! We see some dolphins! YAY! Good memories!
10:30 a.m.- go back to Condo and pack up to check out by 11 a.m.!
11 a.m.- get everything loaded. Go to souvenir shop and get some goodies, then go to Applebee's for lunch. Head home!!!
11p.m.- arrive to HOME SWEET HOME!!!

I guess you aren't living life if you never have a frustrating, not so great of a vacation, at least once in your life time! I have to admit that there were several frustrating things that happened that ate up precious time(and $$$ Gas), BUT we really had some fun family moments and funny memories that'll last a lifetime! I think that as far as fun joking and funny moments, this has been a great vacation time! DEAL!

Though I would never recommend doing any time share spiel to save moila on your vacation! I am sure there are times that it was a good deal for some, but this particular package deal was a NO DEAL for us!


Lacey Freeman said...

Oh man! at least you guys got some good memories and laughs!

Well Behaved Krissy said...

Yeah, we had a guy come in and do a water filter thing so my cheap-o husband could get 2 cases of coke for free?!?! I was pregnant and about half way through he mentioned something about the water I was drinking effecting the baby and I just wenk COMMUNICATION PSYCHO on him. :)

Hubby has learned BETTER now.

Stefanie H said...

WOW lol. I found the "white moon" HILARIOUS and laughed out loud haha. Sounds to me like a vacation you'll never forget!! :)

Sara said...

It sounds like everyone was a good sport throughout, so at least you had some fun family together time.

Ryan and I got snaked into something a few years back. All we had to do was attend a demonstration on $1000 cookware and we would get a free weekend somewhere. So we went and did not buy the pans (obviously), and of course they were booked every weekend we wanted to go. We learned really fast that there's no such thing as free lunch!

Well Behaved Krissy said...

Sharon, here's your offical button now for the WPTF club.


grab it up nd add it to your sight if you want! haha

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