This Blogs for You!

This is my 108th POST!!! Ok, ok...I know that it is kind of weird to post a 108th post and celebrate about it, BUT I didn't get to celebrate my 100th and this will have to do! :)

I read one of my first blogs and I thought it fitting for this time to re read it considering it has stuff about my favorite place to go...JESUP(Georgia)!!! We will be heading down there in a couple of weeks and I am getting so ecstatic about it! I love seeing my dad and the kids are all talking about it more and more as the time gets closer!

I will dedicate this one to my kids, since they LOVE seeing goofy pics or videos we have of family! "This blogs for you!"

So here are the pics of my lovely family having fun in front of the camera!
The enitre time I was praying this thing wouldn't use the bathroom there!
That's my hubby's fam!
We love to dress up!
Love that face!
Ummm...Chad's idea! School Book Project-CPT. Underpants!
My Alabama girl!
I think Heath is making plans to make a dash from these freaks!
Homework can kill ya!I just love this one!
must be a Horrocks!
yes...he's gonna kill me now!
notice all my kids were blessed with large mouths!
Is it stinky breath or him being squashed!?!
gotta love the fogged up goggles!!!
That's my sexy beast of a MAN!!!


Well Behaved Krissy said...

Awww. yall are some photographin people. We've already got plans Friday so I'll just have to get together with you for lunch one afternoon. I've got a 2 hour break between classes.

karen said...

I love all the pictures. How fun. You have such a great family and it show how much fun you have. Hope your are having a great summer!

snbjork said...

Great pictures, Sharon! You guys are so fun.

I hope your trip went well!

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