AHHHHHH!!! Someone flush me down the toilet!

Can I just say I HATE potty training!!! You'd THINK kids would get tired of having that nasty wet or poopy feel against their bums(yuck!)! But NO! They'd rather be stinky and ostracized by all their family members and friends because they are stinky, then going in the potty, flushing it all away and everyone happy in the end!

We're on week 2(sigh)!
I have to keep remembering...I love this kid, I love this kid...he can be cute! He'll be potty trained before kindergarten!


snbjork said...

Um....yeah. I feel your pain. But, not all of it because I've been avoiding potty training as much as possible. Alton will ask sometimes to sit on the potty so of course I encourage it. But, I know I need to get going with it soon. He'll be 3 soon!

Good for you and good luck to you!

Lisa said...

Good luck!!

Holcomb Lady said...

Uck. I feel your pain.

BAMAGurleyGirl said...

yep... dogs are good - you can just chain them up outside if they don't get the potty thing - I guess social services would have a fit if you did that to your little one ;)

danakat said...

Good luck good luck good luck!
But I don't think I'll be chatting with you until it's over. Or until you have something positive to say. I have to go through this soon too, you know.

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