Gettin' Down on the Farm!

These are a few of the many signs you see that lead to our "Crummey" Reunion(are you makin' fun of the name? Go ahead! Laugh it up fuzz ball!)! There is also a sign that I can't find the picture of that says "Have you hugged a cousin today?" I reitereate waht Dash says on "The Incredibles"I love my family! :)

Who is he? He's my daddy aka "The granddaddy"! Several days before we went to Jesup, Heath was walking around with his packed backpack asking for grandaddy (and falling over since his backpack weighed as much as he did--quite comical really)! Then Alyssa asked if she looked like him...Bria said she wants to marry him and Chad can't wait to go again and bring his BB Gun so they can spend "man" time together!

Here are some random pics of us at the Reunion! The fun we have with our Family!

Feeding the Fish and watching for turtles!
Riding the easy go!Mingling!
Watching and waiting for our turns with the lawn games!playing cards!!!
Lawn Games! 2 teams trying to get more points than the other by throwing metal disks into the holes that equal a certain amount of points each! First one to 21 wins!Drinking TONS of Carbonated drinks--enjoy while you can!Watchin' our own firework show!
making masterpieces with play-do!Taking a TON of pictures!
Back row: Mike, Donnie, Eric, my Dad, Thad
Front row: Cliff, Otis, DeAubrey
All of my uncles!
Back row: Eric, Mike, Donnie, Thad, my Dad
Front row: DeAubrey, Cliff, Otis

Throwing in a bit of nastalgia! This was taken in 1984!!!


kg said...

What a fun place! Big gatherings are the best!

karen said...

So fun. It's so fun hanging with family. I love the pictures of A. She looks like she was living it up.

danakat said...

That area is GORGEOUS!!
With views like that PLUS a fun family...no wonder you look forward to that every year.

kellibattraw said...

I love reunions! It looks like you guys had a great time!

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