Update on Potty Time!

Heath has FINALLY gone poopy in the potty! YAY!!! Of course, I had to dig out an entire box of wipes and a roll of toilet paper in order to get it flushed(he must've done it while I was busy with the girls)! But when you're potty training you gotta look for the positive at some point! Other than that he has had 1 pee accident in his pants...maybe we are on the up and up after all!

We'll see now that I have spoken!


danakat said...

But, and I hate to ask, but why exactly did you need so much TP and wipes?
Go ahead and give it to me straight...I need to know what I'm in for.

shari said...

Dana ask Heath? He put it in the toilet.

danakat said...

Oh I see!
Heath put all that in the toilet...not that you needed them to clean.
It might help if I could actually read.

Sharon said...

Ha ha ha! Yeah-Heath was the mischief maker! Maybe it's just the reading comprehension thing or kids home from school for waaaaay too looooooong!!! Hee hee!

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