I USED to...

I used to do my girls hair really cute everyday.
But now I am lucky to get a brush to their head before screaming breaks out!
Dress my kids in cute clothing.
They not only want to dress themselves (in interesting things), but they also want to pick out their clothes when we shop. Don't you just love Alyssa's ensemble? hee hee!

Give myself manicures and pedicures.
Takes too much time and I have been busy. Something had to go! :)

Eat less.
I have 9 months of weight gaining to do, can't start slacking now! Besides there's too many yummy things to pass up with the holidays coming! :)

Exercise for 1 hr. 25 min. a day...that includes a 45 min. walk with dog.
I have been either at school or too sick to do it and once you break a good habit, it is always harder to get back into it!

Be more ambitious about the TO DO List.
Look at the last comment.

Have only a cluttered office, but it has somehow spread like the plague to other parts of the house.
I don't even want to comment on this one. ;)

I USED to laugh more and do what I wanted when I wanted!
I guess I had to grow up! :)

I USED to think this would never happen! ;)

I am sure I can write many many more things that I USED to do, but it'd take forever and I think you get the picture! :) I want to do all those things again, but it's hard when you have to keep up with other things and your priorities change as you and your kids get older (though the weight one should be a HIGH priority to me). But why can't I have it all? i remember when I had 2 kids it was sooo much easier to get it all done and I always had the kids polished and ready to go, but with 4 and all of them having strong minds of their own...it makes it a bit more difficult. For now I guess I just have to do what I have to do and kick back and enjoy the rest!


Holcomb Lady said...

This should be a tag. I think most of us could say many of the same things!!! Oh how time passes and we change.

Lisa said...

I agree with Hope!!

Dawn, said...

Your priorities are right... close enought to perfect for me! Say this ten times to yourself and tell all four of your children to pat you on the back, grin!

danakat said...

Are all those M&Ms actually in your house right now? I'm not even pregnant, but they wouldn't last the day with me.

I love Lyssa's "style". :)

snbjork said...

Okay, I only have two kids and they are never polished and I never "get it all done"! Are you saying there's no hope for me?? =)

You look great. I wanted to tell you on Sunday at conference because we sat behind you, but after Amen was said, chairs were flying around like crazy and people scattered, there was no chance.

Life sure does get crazy after you have children. Alton is so head strong now at the age of 3 that I often get scared to think of when he's older.

Alyssa's outfit is fabulous!

Lisha said...

Love the post, and just know you are not alone!

Quincy Sorensen said...

I just got caught up on your blog and really enjoyed your last few entries. I especially love this "I used to" post. I am proud of your journey to self-discovery. You've learned a lot of important things it seems . . . guess that's what this life is all about. :)

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