Little Blue Bird

Alyssa wrote such a beautiful poem that truly shows the beauty with in her and the appreciation that she has for the beauty around her. She brings much joy, comfort and love to our family and she melts my heart with her thoughtfulness and the unyielding love she has for everyone.

I took this picture awhile back of her clay art that she did at my family reunion, you may have already seen this, but I had to post it again because it goes hand in hand with this poem.

Blue Birds
by: Alyssa H.

Blue birds, blue birds sing to me.
Your pretty songs are beautiful everyday!

Your wings are like a dress so pretty in the light.
Oh blue birds, blue birds your songs are the best in the World,
I say to you!


danakat said...

What a precious talent she is! I love the line about the dress in the light. The writer in you must be proud.

snbjork said...

How sweet!

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