Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

This year we reduced our spending by reusing our old costumes!

This is the only time we can gag our kid and get away with it! :)

Nemo visited the VET!

Our future Veterinarian!

In his own words..."I am the good Spiderman!"

Heath's is the little one and the girls shared the big one!

Chad's lovely creature!

Our neighborhood haunted house that adds on every year and we all look forward to! And YES they have awesome looking windows, looking like they are boarded up...I told them we may end up copying that one! Way too cute! That statue monster looking thing in the background was really a person dressed up and it was pretty freaky! I admit I went hesitatingly into the Haunted house (never really liked them, but my kids dared me and I don't pass up a dare) and I screamed...a horn blew in my ear and caught me off guard and there was a creature moving towards me under the strobe lights...hey no laughing at me! :)

Miss Priss cheesin'!

This year we have been so busy with projects, cheering and being sick that decorating our home for Halloween just didn't fall on the priority scale. Bria was NOT happy about this and declared that she wanted a "Scary House"! Alyssa thought quick and replied, "We have REAL spiders Bria...that is waaay scary AND we have real black widows! So we're good!" That appeased and excited Bria and sure made me feel GREAT about my house. Though we have had run ins with Black Widows...their lives are not spared because as I have said before a spider venturing in or near my house forfeits its life! :) The other spiders are just hard to get rid of, I swear for everyone you kill 10 more pop up!

Hope y'all had a GREAT and SPOOKY Halloween!


snbjork said...

You and Tyson didn't dress up this year? Thursday night at our Trunk-or-Treat (during dinner) Barry asked me randomly if I remembered when you guys dressed up like Star Wars characters. I said, "of course I remember, who could forget that?!" (or something like that). Then we both agreed that you made the PERFECT Princess Lea (I don't know how to spell her name, sorry)!! It was awesome! And wasn't Heath little Yoda? Fun times!

kellibattraw said...

You guys are too fun! I'm with you on the haunted house thing, even cheesy fair versions scare me. : )

karen said...

So fun. It was fun to see your gang out and about.

Diana said...

Loved loved your spider story--thanks for taking a peek at our spot. One day we'll even learn to get photos on. It's all good.

danakat said...

The costumes look great...no matter how many times they get used. I won't say which one is my favorite just in case the kids read this. :)

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