Update on Superman

Superman braved things no man ever has without blushing! First they had him wear a bracelet and THEN a weird dress like pajamas (a.k.a hospital gown)! Luckily Superman is a brave hero and does what is needed to get the job done...of course I am sure he had a man to man talk with his dad about it, but did it none the less! :)

What a face!!! No drugs were administered by this point...he's just goofy! :)

During the long hour waiting for the doc, little man here was a little loud and drew some attention to himself with a dirty look from some grandpa, but daddy decided to keep him from being too much of a chatter box with stories. The surgery itself took 10 minutes (he had a hole in his ear drum that wasn't healing and they had to sand it a little and patch it with some dissolving type paper)...then waited another 30 minutes or so before coming home with some Burger King goodies even for mommy! So, I would say that it all went well and now he is back to his mischievous active self and we are all happy!


danakat said...

Oh GOOD! I was worrying about it all day. Hopefully this patch job will do the trick.

And his goofy face is hilarious! I'm not sure who he's more like sometimes...you or Tyson.

Sandra said...

I just "tuned in" to ask about Superman and you had already posted about his condition. So glad to know that all went well.

snbjork said...

Yay! I'm glad to hear that's all over and the boy is doing just fine. He's so cute!

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