Thought I would share!

Found this cool website where it is free to download and thought I would share! It is a shape collage you can make with your photos. This is our family over the years! You can do different shapes or customize it to the shape that you would like! Have fun!

UPDATE: Thank you, Jenni for your comment, but this is a tool you download onto your own computer and can even use it with your Adobe Photoshop to manipulate the collage even more. There was no uploading of pictures at all and I found this on the Whispers Photography Blog site. I searched over the entire shape collage site that I downloaded this tool from and there was no fine print to worry about that I saw.

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Jenni said...

Hey girl that is prety cool BUT one word of caution - I was just reading on a blog that a woman was driving down the road and saw her daughters picture on a billboard for an ad. Upset she went onto te website where she had uploaded the picture and in the fine print by uploading her pics to the site she had granted the site permission to use the photo as they saw fit - in this case they SOLD the photo to the other company and they used it on a billboard So be cautious to read the fine print! I don't kow if I could find the blog again to save my life but could tell you the company she said she used.

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