3 Months

Laney 1
Laney is 13 lbs. 7 oz. and 23 1/2 in. long

All things Laney:
*she is trying to roll
*she can touch things now and my face was the first thing she reached out for ;)
*holds her head up pretty well
*LOVES to talk to other kids
*squeals when happy
*and melts all our hearts with that gorgeous smile!

We all LOVE this kid! Despite all the chaos of new baby and an MBA program for Tys, I am grateful that Laney came when she did because she adds much more to the family. It's as if another piece of the family puzzle has been put in place and we are more complete! Like my blog header says "There ain't nothin' like Family!"


Quincy Sorensen said...

Laney is cuter than ever! I loved seeing your kids' pictures on your sidebar. Such fun pictures for summertime.

Amy said...

Yeah Laney! She's just beautiful, as are all your children!

Julie said...

She is SO precious! Wow...I can't believe she's 3 months already!

tyson said...

It's amazing how your heart expands more than you ever thought it could for each addition to the family. I'm loving the experience of getting to know a new special person.

snbjork said...

Where does the time go?? I haven't even met Laney yet and she's already 3 months old!!! She is such a cute little chub. =)

Sara said...

I love that little outfit! She's growing so fast!!

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