Say Cheese!!!

It's almost that time of year again when you wake up early to get your kids all prettied up to say cheese, hoping and praying that the picture is snapped when your kid is bright eyed and smiling!

Here are all the kids pics from the previous years of school and I have to say that it makes me sad to see them growing up so quickly and realize that I am NOT and will NOT be getting any younger even though many of my school memories are fresh in my mind! I would also like to add that my school pictures, especially from High School, are not that great! I would personally hunt down anyone that ever posted mine...

...So, my kids can kill me later, but I decided to show the world their pics before they get to the "want to burn these things" stage of their lives! :) Though I think that over all these pics turned out pretty good (for school pics anyways)!


He is sporting a designer hair cut by my hubby! hee hee! Chad doesn't like the clippers so we can only use scissors or else this kid FREAKS! We needed to use the clippers! :)

Another sporty designer daddy do! They didn't even wait for him to smile! But he is still a cutie!

Despite the lack of a toothy smile, I think he is quite the Rhett Butler!

I was pregnant and very sick in bed so I had no say in the hair do...I don't even think I knew what day it was to tell you the truth!

I had fun doing her hair! We woke up VERY early and it hasn't happened since! ;) I wish they would've helped bring out her best smile!

Not too shabby!

My pretty green eyed gal! Hey! I didn't realize this was the same shirt she wore the year before...ha ha! I guess we LOVED it that much! :)

Ok so what on earth is THAT background and I had no clue what she was holding onto until I figured out that THAT background silo looking thing was supposed to be a lighthouse on the beach! And in my defense I was still sick and pregnant during all of this and only managed to pull their hair back. They dressed themselves...can't u tell?

I was sick with pregnancy, but managed to lay her clothes out the night before and actually get her hair looking cute, but they had these pics right after recess...not a good idea!

At least her hair is out of her face! ;)


And here we have Dennis the Menace my friends!


Mandi said...

So cute! Heath actually does look like Dennis the Menace! ha ha

Sara said...

I can definitely see Dennis the Menace in Heath! Do you have any neighbors neighbors named Mr. Wilson? Cute pics of all the kids!

Tyson said...

In my defense, I think daddy has been getting a little better at doing haircuts. Some of the pictures above also looked funny because they aren't combed quite right.

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