How would you describe your family?

I have to say that there is nothing more I love in life than family. I was once asked "How would you describe your family?"

Then I was going through old status updates on my Face book page and smiled, laughed and remembered! So, I think this is how I would describe my family...(mind you these are some of the BEST status updates I have ever written, cause they are of my family) :-)

*Heath had time out 2 x's today. I thought we were doing good keeping it only once per week! The sad thing is he was digging in fire ants (why on earth would you want to do that) and ended up flinging them on another kid! I think the "I hope you have 10 kids just like you" curse is REAL!!! Though I never got ants on someone...we just put firecrackers in the fire ant hills! ;)

*has learned that you don't tell your 4 yr. old to eat 5 bites then he can get his cookies, he just might eat ALL 5 in 1 BITE and choke! THEN he will spit it out and laugh and ask if he can just go straight to the cookies! Stinker!

* is ready for Halloween! The costumes are done and who needs decorations when you have REAL spiders all over...it's all organic here baby! :) Yes Tyson needs to clean the porch *hint,hint Tys*!!!

*looking forward to spraying hair with purple streaks and being a witch in public...cuz I'm allowed! :-) I LOVE Halloween!

*had a great evening watching the kids and their friends do a funny (not intended to be) Cinderella skit they put together! Let's just say that the Fairy Godmother was a little abusive with her wand and Alyssa kept calling Cinderella-Cinderhazel! Gotta LOVE kids!

*enjoyed driving by the MANY American flags today and surprised when her 4 yr. old said the pledge of allegience PERFECTLY!!! He even held his right hand over his heart (don't worry I drove the girls told me he did that)! :)

*the kids are doing their chores and I went to check on them. They're listening to the Monkey's and Queen! Ahh, I have taught them well! :)

*is settling down with ice cream, a movie and the kids! Ahhhh, life can't get much better than that!

*has endured spit up, kids yelling, talking back and a naked (fully naked) kid on the trampoline while the kids' friends were over! I think I deserve a Chic Fil A oreo shake (just wish it didn't come with extra pounds for the waistline)! :)

*tomorrow I am going to smile when I do the laundry for the umpteenth time, laugh when someone spills something on my newly mopped floor and play on my hands and knees with my kids...of course I can say this right now cause they are all blissfully asleep and it's easy to dream. We shall see what tomorrow brings!

*It's sad when you have to pencil in a day on the calendar when to decorate the tree. Then it's taking down the Christmas tree! One year we were so busy that we kept it up until March...yes I am ashamed to admit it, but now it's kinda funny!

*woke up to SNOW! And it wasn't long before Misha (our dog) made yellow snow. ;)

*the kids are supposed to do their chores and they aren't. So, Heath decided to take the parent role by saying "If you don't go do your chores I am going to ground you and punch your eyes out!" At least he understands there has to be a threat. It's also a good thing he isn't a parent yet. ;)

*has now been married for 12 years on the 19th of Dec. Without me my husband would NEVER listen to country music, have color on the walls or be happy! He is SO lucky! ha ha!

*when eating at the dinner table Bria said "I HATE pigs! They're pink!" Then she paused a minute and continued "I LOVE their meat though!" :)

*tonight on our way home from the store my oldest son said politicians were like mosquitoes..."you smack them down, they come back to life and you just can't seem to get rid of them!" He cracks me up!

*told the kids "No snacks. It's almost dinner time!" Then Heath went to the pantry and I saw then asked "What are you doing?" To which he replied, "Just looking at the pantry and how pretty him is." Suuuuuuure, I believe ya kid! :)

*took Laney to the doctor today and told Heath that if he wasn't good then he wouldn't get a treat or any computer time today. A little bit later he was acting up and I said in my stern voice "Heath you remember what I said?" He said "Yep. I don't want a treat or computer. I wanna be bad for now." Ugh! Kids. ;-)

*a couple of Sundays ago we were on time to church! YAY! But not Heath or Tyson, why? might you ask...well SOMEONE (and I am not going to name names) decided to jump in mud puddles while waiting for us to come out to the van. Thank heaven for Oxy clean Laundry spray! ;)

*this morning Tyson said he had some weird dreams last night. He dreamt that he had gone back to get a 2nd MBA. I said that isn't a weird dream...it is a NIGHTMARE! We both laughed and said how glad we are that there are only 3 more months left! :)

I love my family and these moments in life that reconfirm that love for them. We aren't perfect, but we are happy!


karen said...

Oh that was so sweet to ready. Life is about the journey and not the destination. This made me smile. Happy day to you!

danakat said...

Love it love it love it! I remember so many of these and they make me laugh all over again.

I also love to look back at my old statuses and see what was going on. Very fun...and very telling. :)

Sarah (and a few others) said...

what a fun flashback!

Tyson said...

Just for the record:
1) it is all true
2) I did get the spider webs all cleaned up before Halloween

Sara said...

I still love Bria's pink pig comment the best. And yes, thank goodness for Oxyclean spray! We go through that stuff like water!

Amy said...

A really fun post! That's great you keep all those little, forgetable moments written down so you can look back on them later on.

I'm so happy for you that Tyson is almost done with MBA. Woo hoo!

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