It's a dog eat dog world

Alyssa is into dogs lately. Actually into a movie called "Hotel for Dogs" about dogs. She wanted a puppy cake for her b-day and after searching the Internet for ideas I decided to put a couple of ideas together to make a unique one just for her.

I used 3 boxes of cake mixes to make 2- 9 inch round cakes, 2 big bread loaf sized ones and 2 small bread loaf sized ones.

1. I frosted the bottom round cake before stacking. Then I carved a little out of the top so that when I put the cocoa puffs in they wouldn't roll out easily. I frosted the cake and put a decorative edge around the bottom.
2. Then I took a large bread loaf pan cake to the side. Put a ton of toothpicks where the head was going to go (I turned mine towards the bowl) then stacked a small loaf pan sized cake on top as the head. I took the 2nd small loaf pan cake and cut the corners off to make the ears. Putting more toothpicks in I placed the ears where I wanted them.
3. I divided and colored the icing. Then prepared some decorating bags with small star tips.
4.From there I put the frosting on in small star shapes all over the dog using different colors when I needed to.

Some things I would have done differently:
1. stiffened my store bought icing with powdered sugar. I ran out of time and didn't do it.  Mine turned out a bit more gooey than I would have liked because I didn't do that.
2. carved the back of the dog to look a bit more realistic so that I could have done better legs.
3. Used something like straws cut into 2 inch long pieces to hold the ears in place because one of the ears kept falling off and I had to improvise which left me with an ear that I wasn't 100% pleased with (though all my kids reassured me that I had made the best cake any mommy ever could have~I love my kids).


I also used photoshop to make a cute logo for the goody bags (the paw prints I did free hand-yes who knew I was so talented at drawing irregular shapes) :). Then I printed it off, rubbed pencil all over the back of the paper and turned it back over tracing the logo onto the bags. Then I went back and used a small tip sharpy to darken it.
The font I used was from Kevin and Amanda{dot}com
If you have not ever seen the awesome fonts there, you are totally missing out and if you are a font-o-holic like I am , then you will never recover after seeing some of the cute fonts available. ;)

And here are all the dog loving girls. We had such a blast. We played a few games, watched the "Hotel for Dogs" movie and told stories. Yes, Alyssa is into the art of meditation lately, don't ask cause I couldn't tell ya.:-)


Sarah (and a few others) said...

Wow Sharon. You. are. amazing.

Organized Nutrition said...

That is super!!! GOSH, I wish you lived next door!

Shannon Carlson said...

That looks like a ton of fun! And I love your cake. Good job Mom!

karen said...

Love the cake. And Alyssa loves all animals. She is so cute that way. Makes me smile.

snbjork said...

Wow is that ever an amazing cake! Your kids are so lucky!

Jenni said...

Cute cake! Hope everyone had a good time! I LOVE Amanda' site - did you know I used to work with her? At Rubber Stamp Lady - she is a truly talented gal and very sweet!

Amy said...

Very clever cake. I always have fun coming up with cake inventions for my kids birthdays. I love the cocoa puffs in the dog bowl. :)

shari said...

So Cute!!!! I love the cocoa puff too. You are so clever. The girls looked like they had a lot of fun.

Wendyrful said...

LOVE the cake, with the cocopuffs in the dog bowl! Too Cute!!!

Sara said...

Sophie's birthday is coming up--want to make one for her? It looks great! Alyssa is a lot like you in that you both have a tender spot for animals. I've never heard of Hotel for Dogs. Guess I'll Netflix that one. Happy Birthday Alyssa!

Natalie said...

Sharon, you are just too creative and talented! Cute, cute cake!

Amy said...

What???? That is amazing! I had no idea you are a cake decorator too. I'm so impressed! Looks like a great party for her.

Quincy Sorensen said...

Sharon, this is so fun! No wonder they all loved it. Way to go!

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