Growing Up Is Hard To Do

This year Heath will be going into Kindergarten. I wish I could say that I was ecstatic for this moment because it is one more child in school and more time for me and Laney. But to tell you the truth, I could cry right now if I allowed myself to. I have such a soft spot for the kid whom I thought was my last. The kid who has tested me like no other, still prefers me over anyone else, is protective of his siblings no matter how much bigger the other kid is, who always tells me that when Jesus comes back for us, he will be in his army driving the tanks. Ha ha!

This kid has just filled my heart, just like all the other kids have and it is hard to think that this is the beginning of all of them preparing to venture out into the world on their own. It is hard to fully accept because I am going to miss all of the days that I was able to be home with them. Or rather all of the days that they were able to be home with me.

I love this kid! I can't believe I will now have 4 kids at the same school. It will be Chad's last year in Elementary school, so a whole new chapter of parenthood will be opened shortly. Oh how "Growing Up" is hard to do...even for us mommies.



Anonymous said...

I think Bria's outfit was cute, :). Nice job keeping this blog going young lady.

Love, Dad

hope said...

Feeling the pain here, still. I actually enjoy having Skylah home every now and again, even though she was sick this last time, she kept me great company!

Natalie said...

I love this picture of Heath and Laney, precious! Happy 1st Birthday to that adorable Laney bug!

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