Happy Birthday, Monkey!


Picture taken by Kim at A Greenfield Photography.
The kids and I have sat around trying to think of something clever to title this post, but all that they kept coming up with had "monkey" in it. They love to tease their dad and so for their sakes I have chosen to keep their creative title instead of one of my own.

Tyson was due on April 6th, thirty-four years ago, but decided to wait three more weeks to make his big entrance into the world. His mom cried the night before he came saying that she would be "pregnant forever"! She was a little disappointed when he came out with an egg-head. She was sad that she had an "ugly" baby, but in just a few days his head took a more normal shape, he became handsome and has been ever since. :) Other wise, as I jokingly and lovingly remind him after hearing this story, I would not have married him. ha ha!

He is the best daddy and husband in the world and we love him dearly! Here are 5 things we love about him:
1. That he wrestles, gives piggyback rides, does cool acrobatics over his shoulder and plays tickle quiz with the kids.
2. He is 100% devoted to us and puts us first at the expense of career and social life when we need it.
3. That he loves the dog, he thought he would never like. Now he is found wrestling him often and with a smile.
4. The kids love his squeeze hugs.
5. That he and I compliment each other in personality and the way we approach life.

Happy Birthday, Monkey, Daddy...errr Tyson!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to my sister's "Mr. Wonderful" You're a great addition to our family!

Sara said...

Happy Birthday Tyson! And soon you will have the best birthday present ever--graduation!

Amy said...

Happy birthday! Hope he had a special day.

AND, I cannot believe Laney is ONE! I remember when she was so tiny. What a cute girl, and she is looking so much older. Happy birthday to her!

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