We have been able to see Uncle Adam a couple of times lately and the kids are always up for a visit with him. Wrestling, airplane talk (with chad mostly) with any and all of his attention is looked forward to by everyone.


The kids have had a few sleepovers at friends and family's homes due to me getting sick with strep while Tyson was out of town. Then we found out the Heath had it as well. Of course it had to be after the fact that he went to a friends house and got sick over there. I apologized up and down and felt bad about it for quite a few days.

We have been enjoying the ice cream truck when it comes to our neighborhood. It brings back childhood memories for me of the days when I would take all the silver coins from my brother's money dish, knowing full and well that silver was worth much more than the copper. To me it meant I would get the exact ice cream that I wanted. Apparently I had done that a lot and my brother remembers all too well because I have heard about it a few times since adulthood. :)


Our neighbor friend took Bria's training wheels off and starting teaching her how to ride a 2 wheeler. Tyson was a little sad about it because that is something that he enjoys doing for our kids, but he took over and helped finish Bria's training. Though both Bria and her friend were pretty proud of their accomplishments. :)

I asked the kids to get dressed in some cute outfits so we could go somewhere and this is what Bria thought was CAUUUTE! :) Ha ha!

Heath has been having a lot of allergic reactions to all this pollen. If it keeps persisting we will have to go to the Doc. His asthma has been pretty bad too. When his face swells like this he begs to take a bath. Poor kid!

Someone has found daddy's rock climbing gear and daddy has smiled from ear to ear over that one.

Laney is all over the place and is quite the fastest crawler I have seen. She knows how to walk around things, but refuses to walk on her own. I think that she is content with crawling and being held since they get her what she wants without much effort.


We have all been enjoying the awesome weather that we have been having and Laney loves being outside, but really hates the feel of grass on her legs and toes.



Laney is also a talker and she LOVES the phone! This is a glimpse of the teen years to come, I am assuming? :)


Sarah (and a few others) said...

love the snippets. And laney with the phone! too cute!

hope said...

Love all of this! Way cute pics of Laney!!! And I have a question?? Do you guys want our bike stroller?? It seats two and we have been done with it for a few years now. I loved taking the little ones on bike rides with it.

danakat said...

That last picture is priceless!!

Poor Heath! That picture broke my heart. :(

kellibattraw said...

I can't get enough of your beautiful children. : )

Sara said...

Cute chubby thighs on Laney. I love it! They remind me of Sophie's (still! and she's a year older. Oh well).

snbjork said...

I loved the snippets! Poor Heath! He sure looked miserable. It makes me feel pretty bad for fussing so much because my eyes and nose itch.

I can't believe how big all the kids are getting. How has it been a year since you had Laney? Seriously? And Heath is going to school in a few months. I just can hardly believe it. Time goes by so quickly when you're a grown up. =)

Maybe one of these days, when all of our families are healthy and well, we'll actually be able to have that long awaited dinner date with you guys. I miss you!

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