Where you go, I will follow!

I am one that doesn't mind a little adventure, but I have always been nervous about moving since I have had children. I worry that they will struggle like I did when my family moved to Minnesota. Because of that move, I know that the North isn't where I want to be and that I HATE the cold! :) But it was very hard on me and I would hate to see my kids have to go through that. I am not an over-sheltering mother, but just like you have to choose your battles when it comes to arguments, so you have to choose your challenges sometimes.

When Tyson said that he thought going back to school to get his MBA might be a good idea for our future and after much pondering, I decided that I would support him in his career choices. He supports me and in return I support him... that is what marriage is all about after all. So long as I believe it to be the right choice for our family that is.

We have been searching this area for a job and we haven't heard back on anything yet. So we have opened our radius of searching to include other states. Since we are searching for something that deals with Russia, we are open to careers in other countries as well. It has taken me a VERY long time to say that I could live out of the country because this is my home, my country and though it may be riddled with political and moral problems it is still far better than the rest. I am also scared of the unknown, but where my hubby goes, I will follow, so long as when it comes to the home buying, he follows me. :)

If I had a choice, then these are the places I would consider:


Huntsville image found here.
Of course our first choice would be to stay here and be near family and dear friends. It is all my kids have known and a great place to raise a family.


Texas image found here.
Home Sweet HOME for me! I would LOVE to go back there, but who knows maybe our fate doesn't lie where Tall Tales, Southern Pride, Tex Mex, Cowboys and the Blue Bonnet are known to all as belonging to Texas. I also would love to be where decor and furniture shopping is plentiful!


Savannah image found here.
Savannah, Georgia. Close to home where my roots run deep! It is BEAUTIFUL there! I love the 19th century and would love to be where the architecture could keep my camera and mind busy!


Raleigh image found here.
Who wouldn't want Raleigh, NC and all it has to offer? It has several colleges, a HUGE Research Park that beats the one here and is mostly business. Not much gov't, which would be a nice change. :)


Ahhhh, Nashville! Where blues, country and jazz all have a place! :) Where food and music keep the city alive and it is just a beautiful area to be.


Caribbean image found here.
While we are in the dream part of it all...The Carribbean! These are the things dreams are made of! I would LOVE to live near the beach and have a picturesque view wherever I turned...I know fat chance, but this is all about dreaming the possibilities.


Eiffel Tower image found here.
Bonjour, Paris! Ok perhaps Paris isn't exactly where I would want to linger, but somewhere in the country would be a treat! Maybe get a nice cottage or farm house, sigh! I just would hope that this American wouldn't feel the sting of some anti-American sentiment.


Verona, Italy image found here.http://www.destination360.com/europe/italy/verona
Bon Appetit! Bring on the pasta! Now this would be the life....once again it'd be best in the country where this southern gal longs to be! :) I also worry about being an American there...I had a friend that wasn't served in a restaurant cause she was American. It doesn't scare me too much because I am sure there are some nice people there and in France. Just don't like the idea of dealing with anything like that.


St. Basil's Cathedral image found here.
Russia! I never thought I would say that I could live there, but with a husband that speaks and understands the language very well, I think I could do it. Ballets, symphonies (the real deals and where the culture for such things is sophisticated and refined), trains to the rest of Europe and camera in tow...oh yea! I can so see it as a HUGE possibility! :)


Image found here.
And who wouldn't like an adventure in Germany? Bratwurst, century old buildings and castles...a princesses fairy tale come true! But this fairytale will have no ale! ;)

In the end it doesn't really matter where we go so long as we are together as a family! Though where we are now is a nice place to be!


hope said...

I know what you mean, having moved almost 30 times in my life. We would miss you guys terribly as well. But I know how prayerful you all are and the Lord will send you where your family will prosper and be blessed.

kg said...

Sharon, I hope you don't have to move away and we get to keep you close...but this post did make me a little excited for you and what adventures a new job might bring! Keep us posted!

Dawn, said...

We sure have traveled near and far in our marriage. I hope we get to stay right here forevermore. But I must totally agree with one of your 'maybes'... I am wholeheartedly, completely, smitten with Savannah GA! Hence our daughters name, grin. It is just my kind of place, a perfect blend of everything that makes life content.

Sarah (and a few others) said...

Oooo, you make the prospect of moving look exciting! I'm sure that wherever you go you will be happy and the people around you will be blessed just by having you there. (So stay here!)

Amy said...

Okay, Russia??? You've got to be kidding. Okay, okay, we go where the husband goes, I know. It is kind of cool how vast the range of possibilities is. I loved all the pictures of the places in the South. I seriously loved it there and would move back in a heartbeat. I hope all goes well in the job hunt.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Amy, Russia sure isn't a first choice, but could be in the cards for the future if he gets a job that deals with them. I am more ok with it than I was originally, but I have to admit that it isn't a first option. ;)

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