Halloween -A Little Late-


It seems that as the years go by and the kids get older, we get busier and busier (hence the blog post dry spells as of late *sigh*). So, for Halloween I was glad that when my kids came up with their ideas for costumes, they were pretty easy. I was even more grateful when a friend of mine gave me a costume their child had outgrown. It meant I didn't have to think about at least one of the kids Halloween garb.

Yes! Score! Shhh, you didn't hear that. :)

I did have fun getting their costumes together, but most things were bought this year. :) Well, everything minus the tutu were bought. ;)

We celebrated Halloween with a Trunk or Treat at church and a Saturday night Trick or Treat festivity with a group of about 25 people. Since Halloween fell on a Sunday, we put it together so we could continue keeping Sunday the day of worship and rest. It was a fun night! Chad didn't want to go this year though. He opted to hang out with a neighbor instead. :( SO sad, he is growing up!


Heath wouldn't let me take any pictures of him...or rather he was too busy being all OVER the place for me to get a decent picture of him. Gotta love that kid! 

First he was a Clone Trooper. He was pretty happy about it. Then he decided that for the other Halloween activity he would be Spider Man. He really likes to dress up and doesn't like commitment. ;)

Below are our little hoodlums all decked out and the daughter who comes to visit when her mommy is out of town, Tristen.


Alyssa really wanted to be a Black Cat! I think she pulls it of very "tres chic"!


Chad as a Ranger from the book "Ranger's Apprentice". This is the cloak that he made with his Grandma.

Then Tristen as a VERY cute and stylish witch that happened to stamp her nose and forehead right before pictures. Nice! Glad it wasn't my walls. :)


These are the beautiful girls in my life. 

Laney was Tinkerbell, an adorable one too! Bria wanted to be a Peacock this year. The idea stemmed from a Barbie movie called "Island Princess". It was fun putting it together! :)


She wasn't very happy wearing this costume, but after a minute or two of fussing and yanking at the fabric, she was finally ok with it.


Misha as the horse for the "Headless Horseman". He We had some fun with his costume! It was an X-Large costume and was a little tight around his manly chest.



She is such a Sass-a-frass! Definitely "sugar and spice".


This year, Tyson, went as a "Bloody Rock Climber". Simple. Inexpensive since we had all the gear already and awesome cause it freaked the girls out seeing fake blood.
I love my kids. Really, I do. :)


So, what was I this year, you ask!?! Well, that was so thoughtful, for you to think about me. I was the mom that got everyone clothed, fed, dressed and out the door so everyone could enjoy themselves. :) Yeah, real fun, real creative. :) But next year I am dressing up and it is going to be BIG! Epic, BIG! That is all I am going to say. ha ha!


Sara said...

Great job on Tyson's bloody forehead as well as Alyssa's cat makeup! Now on to Christmas!

Quincy Sorensen said...

Sharon, I think your kids look FANTASTIC! Tyson's costume might be my favorite. I also love the tutu! Your makeup on the girls is super. I can't wait for your epic costume. Can you make two?

And thank you SO MUCH for organizing the trick-or-treating; it was a fun night, and I loved having kids in the ward stop by.

Sarah (and a few others) said...

Bria's costume was so great!! I can't believe she tolerated those eyelashes!

Thanks again for organizing this whole thing. It was really special.

Natalie said...

Sharon, you are awesome. I miss you! Your kids look fantastic, you are so talented with the makeup. Tyson looks great too! I have no doubt your costume next year will be AMAZING!

Julie said...

Great pictures! Everyone looked great! Sorry you didn't get to dress up. :(

Amy said...

Love all the pics. They are so great. The costumes all look terrific too. Alyssa looks SO much like you, by the way.

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