Halloween Fun

The kids have been waiting for this day a long time. It is one of their favorite holidays. 

Finally we put out the Halloween decor! The kids love to decorate for the holidays and I have to say it is nice that they are old enough to do most of it without me. Of course it helps that daddy has fun helping them set it up too.

This year I just sat back and let them put things where they wanted to and I think that it looks mighty SPOOKY! :) We even have strobe lights to put out this year, which makes them all even more excited for Monday nights fun. 


We also went to our Church's Trunk or Treat, which ended up inside due to the cold, drizzly weather. The kids all had a blast and came home with way too much candy! 

Usually we all like to dress up together and use the same theme. Some years we don't, but this year most of the family did again. They all wanted to be SUPER HEROES! Chad didn't want to dress up so he said he was the "bad guy" for the super heroes to defeat. Believe me they LOVED taking turns beating him...sibling rivalry at its best. :)

I was the only one that didn't have a costume. I was going to get a tee that said "I grow people. What's your super power?" I just didn't order it in time. So, I had fun watching them all have the fun...and taking their pictures.


I am grateful she still fits in little girl's clothing because those teen costumes were pretty skimpy! I would have had to make her something...wasn't going to happen this year. We are all about staying modest over here and constantly remind our kids that you don't have to sell your body to have fun, get attention or be accepted.


Heath originally wanted to be "Black Spider-man", but they didn't have that costume. Then he wanted to be "Wolverine" same thing, no can do. So he settled for "Iron-man". I think he does a pretty good job playing that role. :) Iron Man in sneakers...comfy!


Bria was the one that suggested the "Super Hero" theme this year. She saw this pink Super Woman costume and was in LOVE. She just HAD to have it and since it went on sale we were on board as well. :)


Even Tyson joined ranks and went along with the theme. He says that it took $50 to get muscles, but at least he had them for a night. :)


Iron man whooping the pre-teen thug!


I think Wonder Woman looks like she is having too much fun whooping a boy! :)

When we were picking out Laney's costume she was all over the place and wanted to be everyone. Luckily she was pretty happy with being Wonder Woman with Alyssa. I had thought of doing bat girl, but think this fit her personality much better.

Little Wonder Woman had no clue what she was supposed to do, so she just went along for the ride until the other kids showed her what her role was.




Once she got the hang of it she enjoyed hurting the local thug.


I think this is where he yelled "Mommy"! Little Wonder Woman was just too much for him.

And I have to say that I think my hubby really is "Mr. Incredible"! He was the one that got most everyone together that night and was willing to take all the kiddos while I stay home and soak in the tub, but I decided to go too since I might not be home for all the Halloween fun, if the baby comes by then that is.

Hope everyone has a GREAT & safe Halloween on Monday night!


danakat said...

You guys ALL looked "incredible"!
I love Chad's expressions! He's maybe had practice...?

Quincy Sorensen said...

I think you are Ms. Incredible for pulling all this together! Everyone looks fantastic!

Sara said...

Laney sure got the hang of it quite quickly, didn't she? And I, too, love Chad's expressions. Brownie points for Tyson for pulling it all together!

Stacey said...

Sharon, just catching up and I love your new blog look! Fun pictures of your "incredible" family! Looks like you guys had a great night. And I love all your photos in your previous post -- beautiful kids! I can't believe you'll have another one soon!

kellibattraw said...

Adorable! I've been thinking about you a lot lately Sharon!

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