Dogs come when they're called; cats take a message and get back to you later. --Mary Bly

The title of this post is soooo true! :) The only time my cats will come to me when i call them is if I am giving them food and even then they don't show up until about an hour later :) I guess that means that a dog's master is his best friend and a cat's master is really their slave! ha ha

I had playgroup last week and one of the cute little kiddos released my puppy from his kennel prison while I was chatting upstairs with one of the moms that was just dropping off their kid and here comes my big ol' pup running up the stairs and making my friend a little nervous :)

One of the other kids is usually frightened by him, but I asked him if he wanted me to put the dog up and he said "No, I want to see him". Wow--i thought! That is a HUGE step for this cute little kiddo! :) They all had such a great time with my gentle giant that I had to take some pics--they played so well with eachother that I was able to get some house work done! :)

And yes that is my dog actually sitting his rump on the couch! ha ha :) He thinks he is human... aaaand that he owns the house :)


Lisa said...

I still can not get over how BIG your dog (horse) is!!

hope said...

LOL! I am just cracking up over posts today. This is too cute!

danakat said...

I love the sitting on the couch!
Sasha would be so jealous. She's only allowed to put her head on the furniture.

Stefanie H said...

lol thats so funny that your dog sits on the couch like a human hahaha. I love how dogs just do stuff like that and look at you like "what?". That cracks me up.

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