I am finally posting about the Competition!

We had a blast at Competition! Our girls won the Spirit award and did GREAT on their performance. They even had some music for all of the girls to go and dance on the floor to in between performances. It was awesome to see the girls cheering for ALL the teams--they would say a cheer when any team won and made it less about the trophies and more about the fun of it all and unity!

Some of the family were able to make it and then Tys treated us all to Applebee's! Yummmm! I am getting hungry thinking about that place! :)

Alyssa was sooo in the zone, she couldn't stop cheering the rest of the day and little Bria left saying some cheers too though she says she wants to be a ballerina! I posted a slideshow on my myspace page
page sooo check it out to see the pics! I will be posting a video by the weekend as long as we can get it edited so it won't be too long :) I will also be posting this on my myspace page because it's easier and has music so ya don't get bored watchin'! ha ha

I have a link to the page on the left if you can't get the lilnk above!


Lisha said...

what a fun slideshow. I love the music with it... somehow it always makes it all more emotional! It's always do good to see team spirit and supportiveness in little ones!

Lisa said...

Super CUTE!! How fun! I think Katlyn would like something like that. Maybe I should get her into cheer??? Who knows.

Anyhoo, your little cheer girl was just adorable!!

Are we still on for today??

Stefanie H said...

what a cute slideshow!!

danakat said...

She looks so cute with her little blonde ponytail! You can tell she loves to cheer. And Bria looks precious in 'her' uniform.

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