Go Crusaders and Alyssa!

This Saturday is our BIG event! Alyssa has Cheer Competition! WOOOOOO-HOOOOOO!!!!! SPIRIT FINGERS!!! Kick a leg up, jump up, shout for joy or whatever your body can physically do to show excitement because we are going to get a bit of SPIRIT goin' on for the girls-maybe we can snag the Spirit Award this year :)!!!Brings back memories--though we didn't get the great competition fun.

She is VERY excited and even did a cheer in front of her ENTIRE class! :) Go Alyssa! Those who know her know that she leans on the shy side so this is a shock to me:) Let's just say I am a proud momma! :)

So come make some NOISE with us this Sat., the 20th at 12 p.m. at Madison Academy! If there are any changes I will post it or if you would like a call let me know and if you can't go , but really wanted to don't worry...I will post lots and lots of pics and video over the next couple of weeks :) I just hope that this year ya can't hear only my screamin'--lol!!! In the video, she is the one 2nd to the right with her back to the camera.

GO CRUSADERS! and my little sweetheart ALYSSA!!!


Lisa said...

Wow! Sounds like she LOVES cheer!! I hope she/team does grrreat at the competition!!


We still on??

Rose said...

Alyssa cheer your heart out!

Hey Sharon- maybe someday next week when it isn't raining we can get the dogs together-


danakat said...

That looks like too much fun! I love little football! Kayla had so much fun watching this video. I didn't even tell her who it was and she comes up and says: That's Alyssa! with a big ol' smile.

Maybe we'll try to come watch on Saturday. I'll need directions, though. And how much does it cost to get in?

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