Sharon's H.I.T List

Ok...the H.I.T is for the things that I have done and are a "HIT" in my family or things I want to do that I THINK will be a hit and it stands for Home Improvement Thursday. I wasn't able to post one for this last Thursday because I had gone camping, but now I will make it all up to y'all! :)

One Family Home evening my hubby and I tried to do a lesson only to hear the kids irritated voices being raised at each other and we both looked at each other in only the way a mother and father can when their kids are grating on the last nerve and said "Must be from your side of the family"! LOL Then I decided to search the internet for something that'd help and I found these cute tickets that you can give kids and thought of how to implement something that was meant for a Primary Lesson to something that'd help keep my kids motivated to start actually enjoying each other, they have their moments, but sometimes it seems that they are far and few in between, especially when you yourself are having a difficult day :)

We hand out C.T.R tickets a.k.a "choose the right" tickets that we only hand out when someone is caught doing something good for someone else, which they in turn put in the C.T.R jar. They are not allowed to toot their own horn. They have to nominate each other and we set a goal up before we start new rounds. They are to get 100 tickets in order to get something fun from us. The fun things are for all of us to enjoy together as a family, not as individuals, after all we always say families are a team :) . They decide together what it is they want from the choices that we give them to vote on. One time it was to the movies to see "Cars", miniature golfing, and going out to Marble Slab for ice cream. Right now they are working on another movie.

They will sometimes still try to toot their own horn, but I remind them of the purpose of these tickets and they seem to be getting better at noticing when their brothers or sisters do a kind deed. One day Bria nominated Chad for saving her from a bee on the swing set, Alyssa was nominated by Chad for giving him the last of her candy from a b-day party she had gone to, Bria was nominated for doing cleaning that she wasn't asked to do and the list goes on. Hopefully this is something that you can enjoy with your kids. I find it pretty cool to hear my kids saying things about each other that I never knew happened and they'll even speak kinder to each other when they hear what their siblings are saying about them. They even will mention these good deeds in our Family prayers. Now we aren't perfect at keeping up with this and my kids still argue over some of the silliest things, but when we try to keep up with this we notice a different feel in our home and between the kids. Here is how we make them...go to word and make a pretty picture or outline with CTR Ticket at top and put name and signed by: It's pretty simple and you can make them as flashy or simple as you'd like...we make them simple because they are thrown away when we are done with a round and we also throw them away if the kids are really out of line or rude and they have to earn another ticket later. Hope this helps someone or helps with another idea for your family! Enjoy!


Lisa said...

GREAT idea! You are a super mommy!!

Mike and Carly said...

I can't believe how old your kids are now! It is crazy! I am super impressed by yout HITS. That is such a good idea! I am excited to read the next one!

danakat said...

I'm totally going to do the CTR coupons! It's kinda like the Shining Stars at school...brilliant!

FHE for tonight...done.

hope said...

Sounds very similar, once again, to the method of home economy in the book I have been reading. We implemented plastic gold coins in our family that the kids earn, and spend them on priveledges. They can spend a small amount on video games, computer time, pizza nights, etc. Or, like they did this time, they can save up 100 coins for a night to Jump Zone. They are thrilled! Sounds great!! I love the CTR addition to it. Your HITS are great, by the way.

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