Good traditions make great memories that last forever!

A few years back we borrowed my dad's photo album and scanned several photos, burned them to c.d, typed up several of my mom's recipes and put them on index cards in nice recipe boxes and burned them to the c.d as well, and gave them to all of my siblings for Christmas. This is a gift that didn't cost much and it will last for generations. Family is very important to me and I am glad that I was inspired by the Spirit to do this for my family. I love them and I want them to always remember the good times that we had together . I have several more pics under my childhood in a nutshell if ya want to look :)

This is a picture of us at one of our Family Reunions when they were in Palatka Florida. It was sooo awesome! We skied, knee boarded, rode the bumper ride (tubing on the wakes behind the boat) and had huge a huge fish fry with everything freshly caught. The adults went and caught the shrimp and fish from the boats and the kids stayed at the dock and caught the crabs. That was quite a feet, those things are pretty smart! They'd drop from the hooks after we pulled them up and then walk towards us with their pincher's held high ready to attack. We had fun ganging up on them one person would come from behind and gently put their foot on it's back while the other grabbed it from behind and tossed them into the buckets :)

You can't really tell from the picture, but I was sooo sunburned that I could barely smile and I had to sleep all night with out sheets and in my scivies because I was steamin hot! My brother has a bandage on his foot because we were all having fun running off of the dock into the lake and he slid and had a HUGE piece of wood lodge into his foot. One of my Uncle's tried to get it out with a knife, but they decided he needed to go into the E.R. and for the rest of our vacation neither him nor I could go swimming--we had 2 weeks left!

I am glad that we still have them every year and they are back in Georgia where the y originally started. Now my kids can enjoy them. We don't do a lot of the things we did when I was little, but we still fish, go boating when my cousin brings his up, play volley ball and eat TONS of good ol' southern food! :)


hope said...

Sounds like some great memories were made and are still being made! I love to see all that your family does together. I remember that from growing up in AZ.

Lisa said...

I love seeing those old pictures! What a little skinny binnie you were (and are!) and so cute!!

I love the idea for Christmas gifts...I may steal that one!

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