Goin' Campin' Again!!!

Today was a pretty nice day we went to my visiting teachers house and hung out and chatted with a few ladies and it was lots of fun! The kids were hard to carral, but I guess they were having to much fun! I like that we get together and actually do stuff. I haven't really had visiting teachers where we hit it off and we spend time together outside of our V.T. visits (okay maybe one other). It's nice to make friendships--not have someone come, give the message and then quickly leave and you never hear from them again until the night before the months end! LOL I really need to be better myself, sometimes I do good and others I struggle, but I love the people I visit and want to get to know them even better! You should always be the V.T. or friend that you wish to have yourself (advice I have to give myself often :)). So, a BIG Thank You to my lovely visiting teachers! I was able to get about 20,000 words out so my husbands ears will be grateful! ha ha

This time our little trip is a family affair aaaand we aren't going as far and hope to be throw up free this time! We are going with Tyson's family and are pretty excited to enjoy the great outdoors and enjoy the time away from everyday life!

I ran around the house cleaning and doing laundry so I can finish all of the packing and getting the kids to fold laundry and clean out the van, which to my surprise they did without ANY complaint!---obviously this is a rare occurrence.Then when they were done the girls came and started cleaning the kitchen without being asked! :) I know I thought the same thing...WOW, now I can see how people can deal with more kids---(not an invitation on my part for more kids!) ;) I wish I could've gotten a pic of that, then I would have something to remind me that miracles do happen sometimes :)! Now I just have to go grocery shopping and load the van and then tomorrow around noon we're off on our adventure! I love taking these trips together--they make great memories and the kids always look forward to our time together! Hope that lasts through all the teen years too!

I hope to have some good pics, but we shall see--how good can a disposable be? My camera is still in the shop--poor me--I didn't realize how often I used it! I got a great work out everyday running to the cabinet to get it--then realized it was still in the shop :( I will have to use my in-laws a lot :) I can't go on a vacation and not take tons of pics--what kind of mom would I be if I didn't?!! :)


Lisa said...

So glad that you enjoyed our VT time! It's fun to make it more social like that. That way we can get to know everyone!!

Have fun camping and don't worry about the camera...when Jeff and I were in Paris, we used a throw away camera and got some great shots! In fact, he took one of the effile tower that is one of our fave pics to this day!

Stefanie H said...

aw that sounds so fun.. some of my most memorable moments as a kid were the vacations my family would take. I looooved them all! :)

But i noticed u had a link to a cute country decor website which i loved. U should try thecountryhouse.com too! I LOVE that place!! :)

danakat said...

Have fun!
I can't wait to see your 'disposable' pictures. :)

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