These are a few of my favorite things!

I have a friend who said I should do the 100 things about me because she thought it'd be fun to read...ummm, I don't know about the FUN factor, but here goes a whole lot of nothing!

1. I HATE coconut and dislike yams, and any type of licorice...yuck!!!

2. I LOVE icecream, especially cookies-n-cream, powdered doughnuts and chocolate milk! During one of my pregnancies choc. milk helped with the morning sickness, and NO Tyson that was not JUST an excuse to have you make all those trips! Though that'd have been funny! :)

3. I was a cheerleader for several years and a gymnast for 2 years! I wasn't the stereo-typical cheer leader...I wasn't in any clique in school. I got a long with anyone I felt was nice and real. Never liked the social games! And didn't get a long with many of the preppy gals!

4. I was a Tom Boy, raised by my southern dad and tortured by 2 older brothers and on occasion my sis! Ya knooooow the usual Indian rug burns on the legs (mine were small enough for them to get), chinese water torture, running down the hall and slamming the door on me saying "THERE"S A BOOGY MAN BEHIND YOU!"--my sis did that! The tickle torture and yes my brother actually made me pee when I was 13 by doing this and I was MORTIFIED! To this day I can't be tickled long before that paranoia comes out and Tyson thinks that I am bluffin'...what would he do if I DID pee on him! LOL

5. My mom passed away when I was 5 years old and surprisingly enough I have quite a bit more memories than most people would give a 5 yr. old credit for. I think it was a gift the Lord blessed me with!

6. I love animals! Growing up I used to tend to all the strays that came our way, sorry Dad I understand NOW why you didn't like that. I fed them and cleaned wounds and loved it! Though now I am weaker stomached than I used to be! There was one time in particular that I remember taking care of a wounded animal. My cat had caught a mouse and I rescued it. I took out a easter basket and made it a home with my Barbie bedding and cleaned it's wounds. Luckily my sisters best friend had called and I told her all about it and told her not to tell anyone. My sister came home in time to talk to her friend who informed her of the little mouse friend I had and when she got off the phone she somehow mentioned it and I showed her the mouse. It was all she could do to keep her composure around a nasty little thing, but she explained to me about the mouse missing it's mommy and the mommy probably looking for it and that softened my heart to let it go.

7. I used to be toe head blonde when I was little!

8. I have a brother that passed away when he was 6 months old because he caught Spinal Meningitis in the birth canal and my oldest is named after him, Chad! I have always felt, since I could remember, a deep connection with him.

9. I was in 24 hrs. of labor with my first and went into labor the morning before I had him while in the car with my friend waiting for my sister to get done with a dr.s appt. and insisted we go to Pizza Hut...I LOVE Pizza hut! Then it was 13 hrs. with the next, 8 hrs., then 6 hrs.! Glad the time went down!

10. I knew what I was having with each pregnancy from the get go. Though I got confused with Chad because after all everyone else knew more than me, right? They all said they thought I was having a girl because of the way I was carrying him. Should've stuck with my gut feeling and I did after that! LOL

11. I like to get done with my Christmas shopping by the 1st week of December if not before that because it's my favortie time of year and some people can make being in the stores quite scroogsome! If I get it done early I don't have to worry about the crowds and rudeness! And yes I am close to being done, I only have 2 more people to get gifts for and will be DONE!!!

12. I love to sing! I am not LOUD-definitely need a mic on a solo!

13. I am not an avid reader. I do like reading, but feel to busy to keep it up consistently. I read about 3-4 books a year. my favorites are The Scarlett Pimpernel, Gone with the Wind, and The Hobbit. We read the Hobbit as a family and Chad loved it too.

14. I love going on vacations and one day I would like to see the World!

15. My senior year of High School I said I would never marry in the Temple and never have any kids! That went out the window really fast! ha ha ha!

16. I love to design stuff! Especially landscapes and interiors, but I also like architecture. I first fell in love with architecture when I went on a walk with my dad and his cousin and we went to downtown Granbury (in Texas) and there was an old 1800's house that was boarded up and had holes in the windows and I just imagined how I could make it look better and fell in love with the trim work and uniqueness! I was 6 years old at the time!

17. Growing up I caught all types of frogs, lizards and bugs. I found out really quickly that the tails come off of lizards and then they're gone, so you have to catch their fronts! My favorite bugs were roley poley's...ya know they roll up when ya touch 'em! I used to play with all types of beetles and found out I hate stink bugs...they STINK!!!I even caught a horny toad once! I still chase them to let my kids see them!

18. I was stung by a scorpion 3 times.

19. I have held a tarantula and several snakes...those tarantulas are HEAVY little buggers! Though I am not a big fan of them!

20. I am a fast learner and love to try my hand at new things.

21. I am passionate and loyal. I believe I am a good friend and I LOVE my country! And Of course Texas, but I put the American flag before the Texan!

22. I am VERY protective over my family and those I love! I am reserved and quiet until you get to know me and I feel comfy around ya. I guess you could say I am shy. I consider myself pretty friendly and approachable though.

23. My house has beautiful art work by my lovely children...all over the stair walls. I even have a n outline of on of their hands! I also vacuum enough dog hair to make 3 chihuahuas a week! BUT I love my dog and the benefits of having one with kids is far greater then the clean factor! Nothing beats the bonds children make with their animals. I know from experience!

24. I love clothes, but have had to tame that appetite! LOL I am a snob about what comes in my house to stay! It has to look the way I want it or it goes! Especailly what I will wear, but it doesn't matter if its from Wal-mart or a good deal at the mall!

25. I want a BIG King Cab truck, but am afraid I am stuck in a mini-van for awhile!

26. I have NEVER been out of the country, but have found that America has many cultures and interesting things in it! Say...Texas, New Orleans, Minneapolis--ok Minnesota should be a part of Canada--they say "A" a lot!, California, Florida, New England area. Need I say more? :)

27. I was born in Virginia in the same county where many of my ancestors lived.

28. I am a second generation mormon and have NO pioneer heritage, but have a wonderful family!

29. I am distantly related to Jimmy Carter...don't know if that's a good thing or not.

30. I tried to get into the airforce, but couldn't due to having asthma since I was 6 yrs. old!

31. I love to talk to my family and socialize with friends and would rather do that then most anything!

32. I am afraid of sharks, gators and extreme heights. I used to go neck deep into the ocean until one day a school of fish jumped around me and I saw fins come out of the water just behind that. I got out QUICKLY and haven't been in deeper than my waist since! My Uncle laughed and said it was a porpoise and that sharks aren't around them ,but found out that is a myth because sharks hunt the same fish as them.

33. I loved riding my bike in the rain with my step-siblings and we'd go fast and step on the breaks and skid across the ground! IT WAS FUN! But I;d kill my kids if they did that...someone could get seriously hurt. i guess i must be a parent now! :)

34. I used to have a frog throwing contest with my step-brother and see whose could stick the longest to the window! Great coming from someone who loves animals, right? LOL

35. I love to take pictures even though i am not the best and don't have the best camera.

36. I learned to crochet, sew and some other crafts after I got married.

37. I love to eat alligator (you can get it around here at Tim's Cajun kitchen), some sushi, fried catfish, deer, rabbit ( have to be in the mood,cornbread dressin that one of my cousins make otherwise I don't like it. love wild hog and wild turkey...way better than store bought!

38. I had to pass my driver's test in a big ol' 80's Suburban and even had to parallel park that baby! I PASSED!

39. I graduated from the same High School as all my Uncles, most of my cousins and my Dad. Though I only was there my senior year!

40. When both of my brothers were in the front lines of Desert Storm, I started writing a story about it and drew a picture of Saddam underground in a bunker watching the news. I found it a year or two back! Kind of funny that's where they ended up finding him. I was in 8th grade at the time!

41. i didn't date much in High school. Most of the guys bugged me and the ones i did like were either taken or not intersted.

42. My brothers (these are some big burly guys too) always said the guy who wanted to marry me had to beat them at arm wrestling first. Luckily for Tys, my oldest brother loved him and said he'd let him out of it and the other brother didn't like to be touched. ha ha ha

43. My sister had Tys picked out for me before he went on his mission. When we first met we thought we weren't each others type and thought no way! but we were supposed to go to a YSA function with a few other people and everyone but us backed out and we talked and I said something about kids that caught Tyson's ear! He won't admit that he was smitten from day one! LOL It took me longer. ha ha ha

44. We lived with an older lady when we were first married since we couldn't afford our own place and she needed help. She had had a brain tumor that left her limited to what she could do. She and i butted heads and didn't care much for each other, but now we adore each other! i just LOVE her now! We need to make a trip Tys!

45. I always think my house is messy and it's frustrating to try and keep up! There are a few ladies that I absolutely think are amazing mom's and put me to shame!

46. i love my Aunt Carolyn. She is kind of a mother figure for me and is the sweetest southern lady I have ever met and Tys says she reminds him of Russian Babushka...short, round, and sweet, but can hold her own! LOL

47. Man, it's hard to come up with 100 things!

48. My kids have been wanting us to have twins since they found out I was pregnant with Bria...yeah as if that'll EVER happen!

49. I would rather be a mother than anything else and admire all the women who sacrifice their careers for their kids! There are times I feel pretty behind most people because I didn't have anyone encourage me to find my talents and I didn't get to experience a lot of fun adventures as a child and teen, and I didn't get a degree or even go to college until now, but I know that having kids and making that choice has taught me more than anything else that others have done! So, I need to remember this when I am feeling down!

50. I never want to live in a high class neighborhood, but would like a nice house. I just don't think like many of the wealthy. I'm not better than anyone else and wealth can deceive people into thinking that and I don't want to chance it. I also don't really care if I own every thing that Dolce or Gabanna have made. I just like good deals and it doesn't matter if it's an expensive brand or cheap brand as long as it lasts and I love it! I Don't want to feel like I have to keep up with the Jonses...there's enough of that pressure all around me as it is.

51. I love to take baths to destress, but think it's gross for washing! You're swimming in the filth you thin kyou have taken off! YUCK! lol

52. I Love walking! It's relaxing, especially with some good music!

53. I love my rocking chair! My hubby says it's my chair and I'd rather sit with it then with him! That makes me laugh! We just need a 2 seating rocking chair! HINT HINT!

54. I don't know what I would do with out my dishwasher and vacuum!

55. I love to vacuum and dust and clean glass, but hate to clean bathrooms, do dishes or scrub floors. I have a deal with my hubby that he irons and I do the laundry because I really dislike ironing!

56. i don't think a garage is meant to be clean because I sure can't keep mine clean. We do projects in there and if we can't find a home for something then that becomes the home :)

57. I have talked to or seen my hubby everyday since we met! That's almost 10 1/2 years! The longest relationship I had before that was probably...2 weeks! LOL

58. It still grates on me that I didn't get great wedding pics and that I didn't get the photographer I was wanting but some of my other in laws got him! :(

59. I have had post partum depression after every kid, but have a GREAT hubby and family that have helped me through as well as a couple of friends. It's hard as heck to get out of! it hit me really hard after my last 2.

60. I love watching my son play baseball! I get ALL in to it and start chants and all that fun stuff!

61. I really don't like going to the dentist! i am afraid of needles and hold my breath until they put it in!

62. I was going to get a belly ring in High School with my BFF, but God knew what he was doing when he put the FEAR of pain in me! Have you seen how BIG those needles are...if you can call them needles, they're more like cow pokes!

63. I also wanted a tattoo, but am REALLY glad I never got one! it was just a phase! :)

64. I got into few physical fights with boys when i was little and won and then again as a teenager over the belief my guy friend had over kids going to you know where because they were born in sin and I said they go to Heaven! Kinda silly we wrestled over that one!

65. i used to wrestle my older and slightly bigger build step sister and won several times! She'd get ontop of me and I'd swing my legs up around her neck and throw her down and win! Not that flexible anymore!Tyson wins all the time now. I have become a whimp!

66. I used to do the splits really really well. I'd even do the Dallas cowboy cheerleader jump up and land into the splits, but swore off EVER doing them again after having Chad! Besides the flexibility is gone :(

67. My sister and I try to do a sisters trip every year and it's a lot of fun! Our best trip was up to Nashville a few years back...except we went to get our hair done and got it all butchered! The salon we had gone to shut down shortly after that! Just my luck!

68. I took a boy behind my dads car when I was 5 or 6 and kissed him, then my sister found out and told me ALL about the birds and the bees. Luckily I didn't remember anything, but the no kissing till you're married! ha ha

69. I was sweet 16 before i got my first real kiss! his name was Jason...he doesn't hold a candle to you Tys!

70. I want about 10 acres of land and horses!

71. My favorite time period is the antebellum period! I'd love to visit all the old cities and see all the period homes! Atlanta had some GORGEOUS ones!

72. I can't stand horror movies or scarey movies!

73. I wish I had really thick hair, but I do love my eyes, they're greenish brown and sometimes appear an amber colr...there Tys I said something nice about myself!

74. I like to make lists for most things that I do. I have a Master Grocery list, project lists, christmas list, wish lists, daily cleaning lists, and so on and so forth! Nerdy I am sure, but it helps me to keep sanity!

75. The more I get to know my Dad as an adult I see how much we are alike! KINDA SCAREY! LOL I love you daddy!

76. I used to organize plays and talent shows, set everything up in our basement and hand out tickets to my family! It was fun! One year we did the Nativity and i was the star over Bethlehem all wrapped in white lights and the narrator! Ohhh, the memories!

77. i love playing Hide and seek in the dark! We played with the Dexter's when we house sat for them and I was 8 months pregnant standing on top of a skinny bathroom sink hiding! We still laugh with them about that!

78. I was a Beehive adviser for three years and never went to girls camp because things came up last minute so I couldn't go!

79. I love to write in my journal and have about 15 since Tys and I have been married! I have kept one since I was 8. I would strongly encourage everyone to have one because I wish my mom would have...what better way to learn about someone than from their own eyes!

80. I had an epidural with Alyssa and will never do it again by choice! It didn't work and to this day i still have a bump where the needle went in and it took 6 weeks before my back stopped hurting! and days before I could really feel my bladder and had to run to the bathroom several times to make sure that I didn't need to go! ha ha

81. I grew up liking Van Halen, Bon Jovi, Def Leopard, Tom Petty, Aerosmith, Bush, Gwen Stefani, Beck, Smashing Pumpkins and most country...I know a BIG range there! There are plenty more, but I had teenage siblings in the 80's (which has the best music) and then I grew up mostly in the 90's!

82. We have a family Reunion every 4th of July time for my Dad's side of the family and i always look forward to it!

83. I have never shot anything but a BB gun!

84. We have seen as much as 7 deer in our backyard at one time and it was AWESOME! We don't really see any anymore probably because of all the stinkin' construction! :( Madison will always be the Bed and breakfast for Huntsville!

85. i love to shop and I prefer to go with someone...makes it more fun!

86. I don't like grocery shopping.

87. I can make a pretty good monkey noise and "gobble, gobble", but you'll never hear it! For my kids ears only and maybe Tys ;) I used to do it on the bus and the younger kids would get a kick out of it!

88. I love to sleep and am a night person... I am most definitely not a morning person!

89. One of my favorite cars is a Ferrari! They are BEAUTIFUL!!!

90. I never wanted to be an astronaut!

91. I did a modeling portfolio and it was fun, but that is a business that doesn't bode well with good morals!

92. I used to go to the Mall of AMerica all the time and met Steven Tylser there and if we'd of gone like planned one day, i would've met Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger! That'd have been cool! I was in love with Sylvester at the time!

93. my first love was Michael J Fox and then Tom Cruise came along! There was something about that boy in a white button down, undies, socks and sunglasses! I still think he's a great actor. He has some weird views, but I admire him standing up for them against all odds! Now THAT is amazing!!!

94. I have always wondered why Oprah has a magazine and all these supposed "Charities", but it's always her big head on the front cover!

95. I don't like t.v a whole lot. Not much good stuff on. I also feel like there are so many other things to get done and that just wastes my time. Not that I never watch, I do on occasion when I am vegging, but most of the time we watch movies.

96. I had my first banana split after I gave birth to Chad. My brother bought it for me!

97. I love cherry limeades!

98. My favorite color is red...well different shades!

99. I used to say Peeeecaaaan, but go between that and Pecawn! and also say peeecawn a happy medium!

100. I am in the tail end of my twenties and have enjoyed 'em! Not too blue about being 30 in the next year. maybe it'll be the 40 that gets me! :)

WOW! I did it! It was hard for awhile there, but as I went on it got easier. Don't know that I could've done more than that! Hope y'all weren't too bored!


Birdie said...

Wow! I learned so much I didn't know about you. I have no idea how you touch bugs though. EW! I agree about the ten acres. I want horses too. In Colorado where I'm moving in April the town is so small (one stop light) the deer just hang out in the yards and walk down the street and such. It's pretty neat they don't mind people at all.

Amy said...

That was long but informative! I learned a lot about you!

Lisa said...

I do NOT like licorice too!! AND I love cherry limeaides!! We need to do a sonic run when I get back!!

Sara said...

It was so fun to read your paragraphs"! We are similiar in so many ways that I was nodding my head as I was reading it (well, except for the cheerleading and animal-lover entries). I'm glad you finally did it!

Stefanie H said...

aw i loved reading that! Cherry limeades? PSH u havn't lived till u've had a STRAWBERRY limeade haha

hope said...

I will have to read the rest later, but from what I read this morning I will have to say that I have learned a lot. I hope we can get our families together more often and get to know each other more. Your thing about remembering from 5 years old is exactly like me. My family thinks I am weird, with the exception of my mom, who thinks I am perceptive.

Anonymous said...

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