Why does life have to be SO cruel!!!

I was going through several of my pictures to see which ones I'd like to print and put around the house when i found this one. Last year at the airport on our way home from going to 2 family Reunions we met Evgeni Plushanko, men's figure skating gold medalist, Tatyana Totmiyanina and Maxim Marinin Russian pair skating gold medalists there. Tys and I were standing in line to check our baggage when we noticed an entire crew of Russians in front of us talking and Tys understood all they were saying and said they had swore a few times and were joking about stuff...you know the normal talk minus the NORMAL English! :) Then I noticed who they were and we ended up getting our pics with Evgeni and Tatyana. I had forgotten who her skating partner was and felt bad as we were leaving when I noticed that he was sitting alone reading and I thought, AW! That was HIM!!!

I was SOOOO MAD about the way my hair looked because I had gone to a friend a few weeks before "meeting" the rest of Tyson's family, who said she knew what she was doing and BOY did I find out differently! :) Why couldn't I have been able to look a bit more decent? Why couldn't I have pulled it back or something that morning! I looked HIDEOUS!!! and to put more pain to it... that morning I decided not to do much with my make-up considering we'd be traveling ALL day and there'd be no one to impress... Life is cruel!

Of course the nice thing about it was that after we were done and ready to leave all the kids said "Dasvidanya!" for Thank you and the Russians were smiling BIG and saying how cute they were and that they were impressed! So, i GUESS I should remember that and not worry about the way I looked! :)


Stefanie H said...

i think u look pretty :)

Lisa said...

I agree. Your hair is fine!! That's cool that you got your pic with them!! AND that your hubby knows russian. I bet he never thought he would have need to speak it again!! haha

Tyson said...

I think you look pretty too, sweety. By the way, not that it really matters, but the kids probably said "Spasibo", which is thank you. Maybe they said "Do Svidania" for goodbye too.

At least we got a picture with them. It's an unexpected surprise in life, I guess. I feel bad about not recognizing Maxim too.

For all you other readers, the funniest part was that one of their traveling companions (not the skaters themselves) had been swearing up a storm earlier and when I said something to him later about his baggage in Russian, he didn't look very happy. :) It goes without saying, that I was too out of touch with the world to recognize them as the world famous skaters - that credit goes to Sharon.

Sharon said...

ok...i guess it was Sbasiba, but I do think they said Dasvidanya too! Sorry honey, my Russian just ain't THAT good!LOL I leave that to you! :)

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