The Goods of Life

We often face many struggles and challenges in the game called "Life" and I am grateful that we get glimpses of true happiness and love despite whatever life may throw at us. Life is hard and we all have struggles. No one has a perfect life, EVEN if it looks like they have it all "Together"or they have no challenges, some people are just better at hiding it. There are many people who are great examples of someone trying despite whatever life may throw at them and I am grateful to know many people like this, it helps me to re-evaluate the way that I think and look at life and look at other sons and daughters of God. We are all on the same boat. Some just have more boat malfunctions than others and we are here to pull each other up and back into our own boats to survive. Like Dory says so GREAT on Finding Nemo, "you know what you gotta do when life gets you down?...Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming..."
So here's to all the things that make me smile, all the things that bring joy to my loved ones, and here's to the people who have really helped me through some of my rough patches and never turned away when I needed someone...you know who you are! :) and here's to getting to know more people and hopefully being a good friend back!

These are the GOODS of LIFE!!!
The simplicity of a child pretending he can fly!

Family playing in the hay forgetting about everyday life and living for the moment!

For the many good men in our lives!
For the loving sweetness children bring into our lives!
For the simple and little things that bring us joy!

For curious minds!
Sun shining all around us!
laughter in the home!
A good pie eating contest!!!
Tys WON!!! Ok maybe not a shocker...he can pack it down! J/K I love you honey!
Love in the home!
keeping your eye on the GOAL despite the odds!

These are the things that lead us to true happiness!


danakat said...

LOVE the last one! That should be a Mormonad! Send it in...

Jen said...

Beautiful post, Sharon

Lisa said...


Cherry said...

Interesting to know.

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