10 years and still countin'!

Below this is a post just of pics of our humble beginnings! :) We have now been married 10 years! My sister had Tyson picked out for me 2 years before he and I met! I told her she was "crazy and that she always set me up with DORKS"! I even did MASH at one point out of boredom and put his name after Tom Cruise's because I needed another name and I did it 2 times and his name was circled, I then wrote "this IS a stupid game"! It is in my journal to this day and he has seen it and laughed too! ha ha ha! At the time I had just graduated high school and moved out here to live with my brother and sister for the summer, then I was to go to Houston to live with my other brother and go to school and marry a rich oil tycoon (I had BIG dreams) lol, but Tyson had just come home from his mission the day after I moved here and I was just starting to come back to church and we met and thought "not each other's type"! lol Then one day we were to ride to a YSA thing with several others and everyone pulled out, but me and Tys and we were talking in the car and we both started thinking that there might be potential and a marriage and 4 kid slater...here we are! Before this my relationships were lucky to last 2 weeks! lol So you should feel privileged, Tys. ;) ha ha ha!

Happy Anniversary to the man who:
1. has finally learned to put the toilet seat down and pick up his clothes off the ground...now we just have to work on putting them in the drawers! :) Love ya, Tys!
2. comes straight home after work only to hear my 50,000 words finally being uttered to another adult! and doesn't sit down until he has felt that he has helped me and done his duties around the house~it is quite exhausting to watch sometimes :)
3. the man whom I thought was not my type at first, but ended up growing on me! :)
4. taught me a lot about the Gospel has a great testimony and sincere love and concern for others...even when I get mad at someone he will try to talk me into seeing their point of view (makes me mad)! LOL
5. thinks I love the dog more than him. I just like snuggling with my big ball of fur, but prefer your company more :)
6. has been a great father to our children and I love his laugh and voice
7. loves me weaknesses and all! and big and pregnant and never says that i am too big and always says how cute I am!
8. always puts his family first and is willing to give all that he has for the good of others!
9. chooses jobs that he doesn't have to travel a lot in, so that he can be with his family!
10. has always been there for me and speaks only words of encouragement!

The last 10 years has been filled with laughter, love, excitement, disappointments, hardships, sweat, tears and happiness! We have had to learn that there should always be compromise on certain things, communication is key, learning to change yourself and hope that the other will do the same, that this life is filled with so many distractions to take you away from your family, that we both need to be on the same page as each other in dealing with our kids, it takes 2 to tango, that sarcastic remarks can hurt and our words should be chosen carefully when we are upset, that there's a time to talk and a time to listen, that you can forgive and grow closer together despite what ever has been said or done, that love is HARD work and takes a lot of time and effort, that life doesn't always go the way you'd like, that if you keep Tyson up past a certain time he laughs uncontrollably and tears up~ always fun to watch! :), that I really disliked some pajamas he had and was glad they got torn~I was happy to toss them into the garbage :), and many many more things that I am sure would bore you more than you probably already are!

i have grown tremendously since i have been with my dear hubby! he has believed in me more than anyone else and encouraged me to better myself and grow in my talents and has helped me to be a better person and mother. I know that he jokes more than he used to and he is more relaxed and comfortable with himself than he used to be and he is more into taking care of his physical appearance. I hope that I may have had some of an influence on him! :)

Happy Anniversary, baby!


Lisa said...

So Sweet! Happy Anniversary!

hope said...

I was about to come and wish you a Happy Anniversary even if you had this post up. It's easy for me to remember since it is the day after ours! Happy 10!!! Wow!

Lacey Freeman said...


Sara said...

10 years! Wow! I totally forgot about MASH. Talk about a blast from the past! You and Tyson make a great couple and make darling kids!

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