Family Tradition

I love traditions.
We always read Luke 2
Eat something unique for our Christmas Eve dinner. One year it was duck, cornish hens, others I can't remember well, and this year we ate yummy waffles!
we read a story from our Christmas book full of heart warming stories
make something for Santa. For several years it was cookies, but different kinds each year and then last year it was homemade jalapeƱo poppers(they were yummy). This year, Alyssa decided on a cake...the recipe needed some work and Santa didn't get too fat from this goody! :) But I thought it was a cute idea!
we have a special Santa plate and mug that we set out with a note from a kid or two. This year it was from Alyssa!

the kids are old enough now to all sleep in the same room on Christmas eve. That's what we did growing up and they were some great memories!
they all enjoyed their loot!
Heath was in Heaven! He loves baseball! Now I want one that's in love with soccer like I was! Though I never ended up playing...it's a long story, but I did cheerlead for it!
she's in heaven too!
she was sooo happy and she and Bria played with their stuff all day!
They loved the Wii playing time!
Chad liked his speed detector!
Christmas dinner at Tyson's sisters!

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