Little Rocky Balboa

Heath had a pretty bad accident yesterday. We were putting up our outside Christmas lights and I was inside doing a few things when Tyson came into check on some chicken he was making and that left enough time for our little adventurous child to try his hand at climbing a 2-story ladder. He had only gotten about 3 or 4 steps high when a neighborhood kid around 7 yrs. old tried to rescue him and ended up dropping him on his face in the process. He ended up landing in the flower bed full of mulch and Alyssa came running inside saying that her baby brother had gotten hurt REALLY bad. I ran outside and there he was screaming and rubbing his right eye! Tyson came out and we quickly brought him inside and I held him down (this was VERY hard for me to do) and Tys pried his eye open to check. Well we thought we'd give him a little while and then check on it again. We did and he was still crying whenever we even touched the skin around it and he wouldn't open either of his eyes at this point when earlier he had opened at least his left. So, we called a friend who is an eye doctor and he came to check on it and he thought it might be a scratch but we should give him some antibiotic drops for the rest of the evening and even the next day. He said that scratches can be VERY painful, but the eye heals fairly quickly.

Well that night he ended up sleeping with us and he slept on and off. Around midnight we were opening his eyes to administer some more meds and there was a BIG piece of mulch in there. Of course I FREAKED out thinking that perhaps either it was blood or worse his eye fell out!—I am not good with that stuff when it comes to my kids and I was a pretty grumpy mama bear--Tyson can attest to that! It's hard to watch your kids in extreme pain. The mulch was brownish red and very moist so I think you can imagine why I had thought the dramatic way!

In any case we took him into our friend’s office this afternoon after church and we found that he has a BIGGER scratch then even our friend assumed. It goes from the top of the eye ball to the bottom and so now we have to do a ton more antibiotic drops and then take him back in to the office tomorrow. We have been praying for him and today he is actually playing with his eyes open even though he looks like Rocky Balboa fresh from a fight. At first when he woke up he was walking around like a little blind beggar--poor kid!

If you too could keep him in your prayers we would greatly appreciate it. The biggest fear right now is infection or a type of fungus considering he was in a bed of plant material.

Thank you to those who called today to check in on him and to those who have been keeping tabs on him the past couple of days.

Love to all!
the Horrocks Family


Lisa said...

OMH!! I hope he is feeling better. You will be in our thoughts and prayers. We are back now, (Jeff is gone again for work), but if you need ANYTHING, please call me!!

Stefanie H said...

awww poor baby Heath. Thats so sad! I'd be scared too! When little kids cry it always gest to me haha. I remember one time when i came to babysit for y'all when Alyssa was still pretty little and she was sick and was crying and I remember just tearing up cause it was So sad! I wonder how i'll be when its my own kid lol. I hope he feels better!!!!

Birdie said...

Awww poor Heath!!! He'll be in our thoughts too. I hope he gets better soon!

Jen said...

So sorry to hear about that. Wondered where you were today....We'll keep Heath (and you) in our prayers. Good luck!

Tyson said...

I guess we got a little taste of what it would be like to have a child go blind. He wouldn't open either eye the rest of the evening or some of the next morning, so he was a lot more sensitive to sounds we would make, he would be feeling his way around furniture and feeling around for toys to play with.

Heath is so busy being active that usually he doesn't snuggle more than a couple seconds. I got a lot of good snuggle and huggle time with him.

It was also interesting to go to the optometrist's and see the damage.

Having said that, I sure do feel bad for him and feel for him. The prospect of making it through without lasting consequence looks good though.

hope said...

I had no idea you all had gone through this. Sounds like you all made it through nicely though, speaking with you yesterday at church.

I hope all is well.

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