Confessions of a "relatively" normal person!

I am here to confess. That's right...I am not perfect, and don't let my hubby know that I have actually admitted to this, we women must never show weakness, after all we are always right, from a certain point of view...ya know the right one-LOL!

* ok I have to admit that I HATE to scrub anything! I can go 2 weeks without scrubbing my floors just because I hate it! I would rather vacuum all day long then actually scrub a floor! And as for scrubbing bathrooms, I think that it is disgusting and too time consuming! I wish I had a maid **hint- hint, Tys--it would make a nice b-day gift** If I actually do it, I end up thinking "that wasn't so bad and look how beautiful!" then when it's time again, I dread every moment of it! :)

* I would rather do laundry and fold and put it away then iron! Don't know why, but that's how I have always been. My hubby and I have a deal...he irons, I do all the laundry! Not that I am perfect there, either. It sometimes will sit a few days in the dryer and I have to run it again to get the wrinkles out! And when we are in need of undergarments, I quickly run to do a load! ha ha ha

* I love to dust, clean glass and did I mention vacuum? I vacuum at least 3 times a week and I usually vacuum enough dog hair to make a few chihuahuas! LOL

* I am not one to curl up to a good book for my wind down time. I would rather curl up to write in my journal and as a matter of fact I have about 25 journals from the time I was 8 ( I am now 29 and will remain that way forever)and most have been written in since I have been married!

* I don't really like t.v. I find that if I watch anything it ends up frustrating me because it didn't add anything to my life and I wasted a good 30-60 minutes on some drama that is never going to be resolved! :)

* I love Cheeburger Cheeburger and my fave shake is the Choc. Mud Pie and I had recommended it to some friends we were with and they had asked what was in it and to my disappointment...it has mocha! (for those who may not know, I don't partake of anything with coffee, or anything related to it) I had thought "well maybe... I should just PRETEND they never told me and I could go on with life happily indulging in my beloved dessert!" Of course that would never work since it is now ingrained in the mind and whenever I look at it on the menu, it's the first thing I think about! LOL So, any suggestions on what I should try and replace as my beloved?

* I love America and am passionate about it's humble and blessed beginnings and am offended when people treat it all so casual and talk bad about our country or even go to other countries to tell them they dislike our leaders...like certain celebrities. We don't have it perfect, but we are far better then most countries and should be united in making it better and serving each other instead of dishing out opinions and not doing anything to better what we may loathe!--ok, I'll step down from the soap box now! LOL

*There are certain people I will not play certain games with and there are certain games that I will NOT play at all such as Monopoly, Risk, chess, and checkers. :)

* I love to learn...especially the things that I am interested in!

* I could probably go on and on, but I just have to admit that I prefer to be a homebody and chill with my fam more than anything else!


hope said...

First, New Years, since I have to now catch up on blogs when I can get around to seeing them... Love the talent show idea. How fun!! If my family were local I would so love to do that!! Maybe next year with our friends we can do it!
Confessions... I can admit to most everything there, maybe in a little different order/way... IE I HATE doing laundry, but really don't mind scrubbing dishes. I am with you on the bathrooms though. I don't have the amount of journals you do, but I love to write. I have different journals for different thoughts. I love to write. I already said that.. oh well.

Lisa said...

Come dust my house!!! I NEVER dust!! I need yoouuuuu!!

danakat said...

Remember what I told you about the chocolate chocolate cheesecake milkshake from Cheeburger? It is the best thing ever drunk or eaten in life!! Try it as a replacement...only if you like cheesecake though. If you don't...sorry...you'll need another suggestion.

Brinton Croff said...

Oh my goodness, kids....how did you guys find my blogspot?
Yes, I remember you. how is your brother Doug doing? it's been over ten years hasn't it. this internet thing is pretty crazy. i'm on Facebook also!

Sara said...

I completely agree with you about board games like Monopoly and Risk. They last forever and are not even that fun! Now if I can just figure out a way to get Ryan to do the ironing . . .

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