Guess what?!

Can you guess what this is?

ummmm...what about this?

or perhaps, this?

not quite with me, yet?
What about this? Ok. it's a bit blurry, I don't blame ya! I will tell! It's all pinewood derby time! Tyson took it all out of the attic and happily handed it over to the new cub master, after helping in the set up process. Chad and Tys have been working hard on the design that Chad drew up of his little car and getting it all together! Can you guess what it is that he did?

He has wanted it to be a tank for a very long time. He EVEN painted it ALL by himself! I was quite impressed! Never knew he was sooo talented! *with a sigh of confidence* Must be in the genes! ha ha ha! For those who may not know his future plans...he plans on going on a mission Then to the military! Specifically to the air force to fly what his Uncle Adam flies! :)

So, good luck to all the Pinewood derby goers and let the fun begin!!!


danakat said...

I was so confused looking at the first pictures! I bet you're glad to have that out of your house.

And of course Chad gets his amazing talents from you! I mean, who else is there? ;)

Sara said...

I guess I have stuff like this to look forward to in a few years when Riley gets in Scouts. It's a good thing it's kind of a "dad' project. I am hopeless when it comes to building things!

Jenni said...

The tank turned out very nice (and quick!) since I just saw Tys and Chad at Lowe's last night! Keeping my fingers crossed for many awards - GREAT JOB CHAD!

Lisa said...

The tank turned out GREAT!! I remember pd time was crazy!! My dad and brothers had so much fun doing it!

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