Where's the beach?

It seems like whenever we want calm and relaxation...there is always something around the corner that needs our time and attention! School has been getting increasingly busier and my social life is definitely down the tube...thank you to my friends that have been keeping tabs on me, it's greatly appreciated! :) There is always a sacrifice that comes with choices, but I am glad that I am going to school! The kids have been busy with homework and school projects! Tys is busy with work and will have to work longer hours soon because of a project coming up. I have been watching some kids since last Tuesday during the days for a friend out of town. I love these kids and my kids have enjoyed the company, but I think it's time for the beach!~LOL I always joke that I want to go to Hawaii or Fiji by myself to rejuvenate! Doubt that'll ever happen, but it's nice to dream occasionally, isn't it?

Chad did great at the Pine wood derby! Especially considering he did most of the work on it. He ranked in at #4 in the racing and got a certificate that they handed to everyone that participated. He enjoyed his time with his friends and was able to cheer a friend up when he kept losing ( i was rather pleased to see him go and be a good friend...it's times like that you know you must be at least doing one thing right--of course I had to let him know what was going on). I like Pine wood derby's, but it can be hard on those who may not have parents that help or a father figure or just don't have a so called "great car". I try to remind Chad that this is a time to gain greater friendships and to encourage everyone who participates. Last year he was frustrated over being one of the slowest. "It is not important who really wins because that isn't what life is all about". We'll see if any of those words ever stick to his mind! :) Gr and Gr Horrocks showed up and were able to spend some time with the kiddos and enjoy in Chad's accomplishments! Aunt chel was able to be there too and the kids were excited to see her (as usual)!

Alyssa did a project of 100 things for their 100th day of school project! She chose to do 100 ways to say "Hello"! It was fun and I was able to teach her how to use Microsoft word and change fonts and their sizes! Tyson found the different languages for us to work with! She loved her project and was happy with the kudos she received from her teacher! She loves her teacher!

Bria and Heath have been having fun playing together and Bria has been a BIG helper with her brother especially when I am doing my homework! Can't believe that I will be losing my full time help this next Fall. Only one more at home! Kind of weird!


danakat said...

Alyssa's project is brilliant!
I may need to borrow that idea one day...

Congrats to Chaddy! Wasn't he just 2?

I LOVE your disclaimer on your header! (Ain't that the darn truth?)

shari said...

sharon you look gorgeous in the pic on your header. I too LOVE your disclaimer.

Stefanie H said...

aw ur kids are so cute :) that was nice of Chad to be a good sport. I, SHAMEFULLY AWARE, am a sore loser and i jsut can NOT help it! It is so embaressing cause i am so competetive lol. Wish i were a little more like Ur Chad :)

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