Heath is 3!!!

I can't believe it has already been 3 years since this little guy entered our lives! He has brought soooo much spice and personality into our lives. All our kids adore their little Heath-y and they spoil him ROTTEN! :)

I remember that before I even got pregnant with him, I kinda knew that their was another baby and I kept thinking that I'd wait another year and I started to have dreams about a boy that was supposed to come live with us. They kept coming more and more as the days went by. I woke up from them and thought "Oh another year and then we will see!"

I went into the doctors thinking I had a bad sinus infection and ended up being pregnant!

Heath has struggled with major ear infections which left him behind in speech. He had tubes put in and last July and has made leaps and bounds with his speech since then becuase he had speech therapy. There are still some things to work on, but we can manage. He was also diagnosed with asthma when he was 18 months old. We found out by having to go to the hospital for several days! Not too fun when you have an active 18 month old. They had to put his I.V in around 3-4 times because it kept slipping out and they ended up putting a board under his hand and taping it to keep it from going anywhere! Poor baby! He figured out that it could be a great weapon fairly quickly. Whenever the nurse or doctor came in he'd start throwing that arm at them! I thought it was actually kind of funny, but I helped hold it down! ;)

Here are 10 things that Heath-y loves:
1. Wii- he is pretty darn good too!
2. the computer and can get on the internet and find his websites he loves as well as play them very well!
3. his Wah-Wah...a.k.a. Misha and don't forget his kitties!
4. Chad, Alyssa and Bria
5. to snuggle with mom
6. wrestle with daddy
7. to watch Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo, and The Incredibles
8. eating spicy things!
9. going to Applebee's and Burger King-those are some of the first words he could say clearly!
10. to say his prayers before bedtime...no kidding! If we start tucking him in and we haven't said them, then he won't let it go until we do!

He is such a great kid and we all love him very much. Happy 3rd B-day, baby!


Rose said...

Great photos of Heath! Wow 3 already...where does the time go??

shari said...

Heath is three?! How did that happen so fast? I love the photos of him.

Sara said...

Happy Birthday Heath-y! He is such a cutie-pie. I love that he is so good at the computer! And yes, aren't the babies of the family always the most spoiled?

Stefanie H said...

What a sweet baby! Wow i can't believe he is already 3! Happy Birthday little guy!

kellibattraw said...

He's so darn cute! Time flies, doesn't it? I can't believe he's 3!

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