Spring Break in a nutshell and in Pictures!!!

This has been a busy, but FUN Spring Break. The kids have all enjoyed time with friends and some family!

We will start with last Friday! My kids were so excited that their newest cousin finally decided to grace us with her presence. My girls and surprisingly even Chad kept wanting a turn at holding her. We'll just say that if it ain't a ball, Heath ain't too interested! Isn't she cute?

I had to present my Architecture Project on Monday (no break from that class) and we did it informally to the teacher like he was our client and had to walk him through the loft we designed for Indiana Jones. It wasn't a hardlined project so it's not as neat and orderly as it would be if it were the final draft. He is saving that for our last project which is apparently BIG!!! But it was refreshing and fun to do something different for a project and on a character I have always thought was cool growing up! This pic of me is the week before because I had forgotten that we didn't get a break from the architecture class and that was the night we worked on Interior Elevations for our plan. I really liked that!

We had an Easter egg hunt with a few friends, which was tons of fun! Chad isn't really into that, but he loved hiding the eggs with several of the other big boys! I had to convince Heath that he wanted to find some eggs. He was more interested in the swing...boys! :)

Tys took off work on Thurs. and Fri. We had fun walking at Bridgestreet. The kids saw Maggie Moos Ice cream Shop and we decided that with the amount you had to pay there that we'd all go and pick out our own half gallon of ice cream and a topping each and be satisfied for more than a week! It turned out to be loads of fun! Then we picked up Alyssa's friend and went bowling and out to eat at Lone star! We had lots of fun and laughter as we tried hitting the pins and watching Heath and his victory dances!

Friday we weeded our lovely weed beds and bid farewell to Tys and Chad as they went to a camp out with the scouts! So, the girls and I had fun watching a Barbie movie and eating ice cream. Then my lovely H and her fiance B came over with some friends so she and I could talk wedding plans and then we played some Wii and chatted. It was nice to have some hang out time!

Then on Saturday we celebrated Heath-y's b-day after my men came home and took showers to get the smoke smell off of them. We made homemade cupcakes and homemade icing, then sat and watched Heath's favorite movie "The Incredibles"! It was so nice to spend that time together! Poor Bria was sick with a high fever that left as quickly as it came on with no other symptoms...aren't viruses weird?

I hope that everyone had a great Spring Break and that they were able to make lots of memories too!


snbjork said...

Sure sounds like you guys had a fun week! And talk about fun with ice cream. Five half gallons all in a row....yum! Good job on all of your design projects. It looks like they must have taken forever with all the little details. Thank you for sharing!

Lisa said...

LOoks like a lot of fun packed into one week!!

kellibattraw said...

Too fun! You guys are such a cute family!

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