One Crazy Week!

Let's start with Monday:
My hubby and I woke up and did our morning routine with the kiddos and after they went off to school we noticed that my poor dog had blood on his paw from his dew claw being torn (it was supposed to have been permanently removed before we received him--the other one was). And we had noticed a weird bubble on his tummy. So, I ended up taking him, with Bria and Heath in tow, to the Vet. He about pulled my arm OFF trying to get to the 6 week old Yorkie pups (they were soooo cute!). He is usually a great listener, but still has to work on obedience when his peers are around! :) My 2 kiddos loved holding the pups and Heath wouldn't allow anyone to go near him because he wanted to be Mr. Independent when it came to holding them (I was worried he might squish them to death, but he actually did pretty well).
We ended up having to keep Misha there over night to have his ripped dew claw removed and the bubble on his tummy, which turned out to be his hernia that we had repaired once before(I didn't realize they can rip open again)! So now we call him limpy!!!

Then on Tuesday:
We woke up to my hubby being very sick and our little Alyssa.

On Wednesday:
2 of our kids ended up in our beds because of the thunder and I couldn't fall back to sleep until 5. Tys and Alyssa were still very ill and Heath's ears, which have tubes, began to drain. So now we are trying to get rid of yet another ear infection!
Then on Thursday:
Early in the morning at 2 we heard what we thought was someone coughing really badly and it ended up that Bria was throwing up in the toilet (at least she made it to the toilet!). She was puking so bad and hard that her entire face, especially around the eyes, became covered in red dots...the broken blood vessels. Then on Thurs., Tys went to work, and Chad to school. Alyssa was still not feeling the best. So, Heath and Bria stayed home from their pre-school and playgroup. Though Bria had no other symptoms of being sick and never threw up again.
Then some friends of ours came over to hang out later that night and before they had to leave, Heath came down with a high fever and broke out in the weirdest rash! It looks like Roseola, but today he doesn't really have many bumps. I am hoping that this is it for awhile, but only time will tell. Let's just hope that Chad and I can stay healthy! Especially since I have 8 weeks left of school.
At least I was able to have a very clean house for almost an entire day and I was able to get my homework done! ;)

So those are the crazy happenings at the Horrocks' house!!! I hope that everyone else can stay clear of all these not so fun viruses going around!


Lisa said...

YUCK!! I hope everyone is better and stays better!!

karen said...

Oh no! Katie woke up not feeling her best. I hope we don't make a run of it. I hope that the family is better quick. Yikes!!

Jen said...

So sorry you had a rotten week. Being sick is no fun! Hope everyone is feeling better.

Birdie said...

Yikes. Poor family and doggie! I noticed you put last names on your list and didn't have mine hahah...it's Kimball :) FYI hahah

Wendyrful said...

Poor little Bria! and Heath, and everone else.. and doggy! what a week! It's NO fun being sick!!! hope this week is better!

Tyson said...

Hopefully, this is our full dose of sickness for the spring, right? If we can get it all taken care of in one week rather than spread over 3-4 months, I'm all for it. (Although Heath and I are still coughing our lungs out.)

Lacey Freeman said...

OH MAN! I hope everyone gets better and it stays away! Sounds like one crazy week.

Lacey Freeman said...

OH MAN! I hope everyone gets better and it stays away! Sounds like one crazy week.

danakat said...

This one any better so far?

hope said...

SO sorry to hear. That is such a bummer. Let me know if ya'll need anything. I mean that! Meanwhile, boil some Thyme on the stove to open up those lungs a bit. Hopefully we will see you Sunday!

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