Even Superman Needs a DAD!

This is a picture that was given to my husband one year. I think it is so fitting for the special tribute to men this Sunday!
Happy Father's Day to the Men in my life!!!

To the first man in my life:
My Dad!
Yup, he had my mom at "HELLO!"
Still strong and fun with the kids!
Gotta love my "cool" glasses and my dad's awesome perm!
I love my dad! He has instilled manners which I am EXTREMELY up tight about with my kids and get frustrated when people around me have NONE(maybe it's a Southern thing)!!! He is hilarious, loving, kind hearted, a great granddaddy, doesn't interfere or give advice unless asked and fun to be around! He was the only parent I really ever knew and he did the best he could and I am grateful he had enough courage to take on 4 kids alone after my mother passed away when I was 5!

To the men in my life who taught me mischief!
My Brothers:

He has always been there for me and has helped me through some of the toughest times in my life and we always get good laughs together! He uesed to do Indian Rug Burns on my legs, do the turkey peeping over the log(if you don't know what that is, you'll have to ask me sometime) and many more things of that nature! LOL He is absolutely one hilarious person! He can be intimidating, but he really is a big teddy bear!!!
He used to let me walk on his back, talked me into sneaking out to get him and Doug food at the BBQ shack across the street when I was supposed to be home sick from school( I was 11)! Has been there for me when I needed someone to talk to, feathered my hair for me when I begged him to so I could look like him! I thought he was the COOLEST thing in the WORLD!!!

To the man in my life who helped raise my best friend:
Dad HorrocksHe has such a punny and always clean sense of humor. If you know him you know what his humor is like. It was passed on to Tys! :) He is such a good person who did such a great job at raising a good man!

To my best friend, husband and great father to my children:
TysonWe were sooo young!

No post with Tys in it can be complete without some goofy picture! One day when he was over for lunch at mine and my siblings apartment, while we were dating, he helped do the dishes and tried to help wherever he could. My sister and I looked at eachother and said "He's a keeper!" 4 kids later and I would say he is still a keeper! :) He has always been there for me and listens to me. He tries to help me see other people's points of view---though I am not happy about that in the moment! He still tries very hard to help me and tries hard to show me that he loves me! Love you Tyson!

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Well Behaved Krissy said...

oh these are cutie pie all around!

Can we get the kids together this thursday/friday or next week after noon?

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