"We Pee Too Free" Club!

Have you ever suffered from loss of bladder control on a trampoline, sneezing, doing those lovely jumping jacks, coughing really hard or laughing too hard(especially while pregnant or perhaps after)? Or have you ever had to wear a maxi pad while pregnant? or even after pregnancy because you are afraid of "Peeing Too Free"? Well if you are remembering a time then this is the club for you! Know that you are NOT alone!
Ok...enough of the sales pitch! ha ha ha!!! :) A friend and fellow blogger, Kristin, hit the nail when she wrote a pretty funny blog that included her bladder control, or lack thereof, since she has had kids. I had to join her little (humorous) club because it is all so true! If you haven't lost your control since having kids, you either haven't had enough kids yet or you have some greatly toned pelvic floor muscles to be envied!!!
Over time my bladder has been nicer to me, but there are still some beloved things that I just can't do anymore such as Jumping Jacks or the trampoline! I am too proud to ever wear depends and let myself go to enjoy those things anymore...ain't happenin'! I have my 2nd child to "thank" for this, but I know that she'll be blessed with 1 just like her! hee hee!
So, this is an explanation for the Club Button at the top right side of my side bars!!!


Jenni said...

I can totally relate - hence the surgery not to long ago and I couldn't have done it at a better time bacause 3 weeks later I got that awful cough until you gagged thing that was going around and stayed dry! TMI? If so sorry - just stating the plain ole facts!

Well Behaved Krissy said...

AHAHAHA!!! I'm so glad you added the button. Say it loud and say it proud, "I sacrificed my entire body for my babies".

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