Jesup or Bust--Loving Tradition

We are off! Good ol' southern food...the REAL stuff, swimmin' in the water hole, endless volleyball, more food, porch swings, games and a whole lot of conversations, and did I mention southern yummy, plate lickin' good food? here we come! I always come back a few pounds heavier, but it's all worth it!
Every 4th of July we have our Family Reunion since I can remember! Even Heath has been walking around the house with his packed back pack(for 2 days) saying, "Go to Jesup...see Grandaddy!" It's kind of funny to see him with a back pack that weighs as much as he does and him falling over because of the weight...what not laughin'...ya had to have been there! :)
I hope everyone has a GREAT 4th of July! Celebrate our country proud!!! What are some traditions you have for Independence Day? I love hearing others traditions, so please share!


Birdie said...

Yum! Sounds good! Well this is my first year with my in-laws but it is also my hubby's birthday! So it's whatever he wants! But definitely grilling out and watching fireworks! Guess I should start new traditions so I want to see what other people do!

snbjork said...

We don't have too many traditions. It seems like every year we do something different. And Barry doesn't like fireworks (or parades or talking to people or going anywhere that involves other people).....We're homebodies.

This year, though, we actually went to Chattanooga and had a little family vacation. We saw some fireworks from the hotel parking lot. It was enough for Barry and Alton!

I hope you had a blast on your trip!

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