Love at First Sight!

It all started when I was about 8 years old...I FELL IN LOVE(cupids arrows were sharp)! Yup! LOVE...AHHHHHHHH!!!!

Ok so here's the story or drama...you choose which...I was actually in love with 2 guys! The first was a teen wolf, time traveler( had a cool car...fast too), and had family ties! Who cares that he was only 5'-4 1/2" tall. That was taller than me and he was oh sooooo dreeeeamy! ha ha! Michael J. Fox! So cute! :)
The other man in my life at the time(a bit older, ok quite a bit older than me) was non other than the 6'-1" tall, whip crackin', sarcastic space renegade....Harrison Ford! Yummmmm! and more yummmm! Gotta love the rugged type!
Then my heart was stolen by a boy in his undies, socks and sunglasses doing some "Risky Business" with his fast car maneuvers and Maverick ways! Tom Cruise!!! His height is in debate by many websites...with the way he looks who cares how tall, right? Awwww, you have to admit that is one fine specimen, rightch thar!!! Who cares what he believes(even if it is CRAZY!!!)...it's a free country and I am not the one that has to live with him, I just enjoy, what my sister calls, eye candy! ha ha ha! Mmm, Mmmm, Mmmmm!There were some more hotties here and there that caught my eye along my growing pains, wax on wax off repeating and rebellious billy the kid days !

The 80's were great to us with those men.Who first reached out of the Big screen and stole your heart?

Of course mine has been fought for and triumphantly won over by Tyson...of course ;)


BAMAGurleyGirl said...

What a neat stroll down memory lane :) Lets see - I am older than you so hopefully you will know my heart throbs - lol. First it was Shawn Cassidy! Then it was Jimmy McNichol and Finally - the love of my teen age years.... Scott Baio! I had so many pictures of him all over my room. My dad had to bribe me to get me to take some down. Yep - Scott Baio all the way :)

Stefanie H said...

ah i used to have such an obsession for Tobey McGuire from Spiderman. I honestly, saw the movie in theaters 10 times. Pathetic. haha

Sara said...

I loved Kirk Cameron too! I watched Growing Pains religiously and had a huge poster of him in my room. I also had one of Zach from Saved by the Bell. What a hottie! (Well, at least I thought so back then!)

Jenni said...

I agree with bamagurleygirl on Shaun Cassidy and Scott Baio - Scott is still cute on Diagnosis Murder! Of course then there was also Parker Stevenson (he and Shaun Cassidy played on the Hardy Boys) and David Cassidy wasn't bad either!

danakat said...

You're nuts. :)

Are you home yet?
You still coming this weekend?

Well Behaved Krissy said...

MJ looks SOOOOOOOOOOO cute there! I had to go for the guy that played Zac Morris on Saved by the Bell though!

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