Bare Naked Babies well...Baby!

Potty Training has really changed my life! It has created a monster! :)

Little dude escaped the house while dear Aunty was in the bathroom...wouldn't be so bad as long as he wasn't ...BUTT NAKED! :) Yep and we had 3 guys here to put our fence up and they witnessed the whole thing! When I got home I had to talk to them about something and one of them asked if that was my kid. I groaned and owned up! He laughed and said "looks like he was playing some naked sports!" ha ha! ;)

He went a few houses down to look through our neighbors' fence and admire their pool! I am sooooo sure that the neighbors got an eyeful, but we all laughed(me, Cait and the kids...not in front of him, of course) after I told him he was naughty....we don't show our parts to others kind of spiel. Chad said it looks like he was meant to be one of those fountain statues from Italy. LOL

I ever see a positive sounding potty training book again I am going to find the person who wrote it and make them eat the book!!!
I do have to admit that he really has gotten better(he's lasted through 3 hrs of church and told us when he needed to go), but it is still frustrating and time consuming. My girls were the easiest! The boys**sigh** another story though Heath takes the cake!


Well Behaved Krissy said...

I'm on the verge of training baby girl myself. PS. Stop by this week I'm doing giveaways.

kellibattraw said...

Oh I am SO not looking forward to this!

Wendyrful said...

a little naked statue from Italy!!!! Oh that is too good!!! Let me know if you have any tips! Sometimes I THINK Liam is getting close, as in he takes off his poopy diaper and brings it to us and says 'yucky'! Joy of joys! and he LOVES to play sitting on the potty, but still has never done a thing actually on it.

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